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Irish media release: M.D. diagnoses mobile phone radiation burns

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Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 13:46:51 +0000
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Some Irish papers today are carrying this story.  The IRISH EXAMINER (a national broadsheet)on page 2, gives it a subdued two columns, under the
heading "Patient burned by radiation from mobile phone, says GP." The journalist is Nicola Tallant. As it is not included in the paper's online edition (www.irishexaminer.com)  I´ll copy it below

"A DOCTOR has claimed the ear of one of his patients has been burned by radiation from his mobile phone.

Donegal GP Frank Curran said his middle-aged male patient, who does not wish to be named, was severely burnt by his phone over a period of weeks.

Dr. Curran, who has practices in Dunkineely and Killibegs, claimed the man's ear lobe was swollen and burnt when he showed up at his surgery recently.

"It was as though he had been torched," said the GP.

"A number of weeks ago he found that his left breast was sore and inflamed.  The only explanation he had for it was that he kept his phone in the pocket of his shirt near where the area was sore.
"He removed the phone and began carrying it in the pocket of his acket, but he then found that his right ear was becoming very swollen and sore.    

"The diagnosis is that it was the phone causing the harm. There was nothing else around the area that could have been responsible for the burns."
Dr. Curran said some people are more sensitive to the microwaves emitted by mobile phones than others.
"The easiest way to explain it is that some people who get x-ray treatment suffer from burns if their skin is oversensitive.  It's the same situation with mobile phones.  People who are sensitive to and who are over-exposed are at risk.
"And it is exactly the same type burn which causes inflammation as an x-ray burn," he said.

A popular tabloid called, THE IRISH SUN, carries a more graphic account, and has a vivid photo of a well torched ear on its front page. (Should frighten
the daylights out of all those readers who are cellphone addicts!) The story (p. 6) includes a photo close up of the patient's inflamed ear lobe, taken by Dr. Curran,  and beneath this is the G.P.  holding  the recalcitrant mobile.
Below are excerpts from the article.

"The man came to me last week complaining of a reddening and swelling on the left side of his chest.  It was like a burning sensation."

The patient uses his Nokia 6150 regularly--and carries it in his left breast pocket.

"He also said the lobe of his ear felt very red and sore."

Dr. Curran decided it was a condition known as erythema--where the skin becomes inflamed.

He said:  "The diagnosis is that it was the phone causing the harm.  There was nothing else that could have been responsible.
"Of course the jury is still out on mobiles but I believe this is the first physical evidence of some of their effects.

He is also convinced more patients will show up with severe radiation from mobile phones.

Dr. Curran added: "Microwaves can affect the body, as x-rays do. Some with sensitive skin suffer the same burns from x-rays."

He claims his fears are backed up by the appearance of a new mobile phone protector shield.

"This is being promoted in a top medical magazine.  It guarantees 97 per cent protection against radiation.
"If there is no threat of radiation then why are they advertising such products?"

Nokia declined to comment yesterday.

The Irish Cellular Industry Association said all mobile communication devices sold in Europe have to meet international safety standards. And all mobiles sold in Ireland meet standards set by the Health Council of the European Union.
It added:  "There has been no research that shows mobile phones have an adverse effect."
About Dr. Curran:

Dr. Frank Curran is listed in the G.P. section (p. 65) of the IRISH MEDICAL DIRECTORY, 2001-2002. (This section is excluded from the online
www.imd.ie) The entry reads:

"Curran, Dr. Frank, E., Health Centre, Dunkineely, Co. Donegal.  Tel.: 073 / 37106.  The Marine Clinic, Old Rectory, Killybegs, Co. Donegal. Home tel.:
073 37106.  Mobile 087 2390340.  Graduate of UCD 1975.  Special Interests: Marine Medical and Other Emergencies.  Obstetrics.  Travel Diseases and


Imelda O'Connor
IERVN (Irish Electromagnetic Radiation Victims Network)