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Life of Gaia

This miniseries is dedicated to our planet earth, so we may better appreciate how she lives and sustains all creatures large and small, that we may learn to dance to the complex rhythms of her life music without stopping her in her tracks.

Space scientist and inventor Jim Lovelock first proposed in the 1970s that the entire earth is a self-organizing, self-regulating entity, rather like an organism. He named the earth Gaia, after the Greek earth goddess.

The idea that Gaia is alive and has a life of her own immediately caught fire. It inspired many earth scientists to look for the dynamic processes that organize and regulate the currents of the earth, to make a congenial home for all her inhabitants. These scientists are richly rewarded.

Records from ice and deep sea cores show detailed globally correlated changes going back at least 800 000 years, leaving us in no doubt that the earth behaves from moment to moment as one coherent whole, just like an organism. Not only can we can read Gaia’s life-history from her deep memory stores, we can also tune in to her life-force pulsing as she is living today.

Gaia spinning in her perpetual dance around the sun, her mighty breath tumbling from hot belly to the poles, swirling across the continents, bringing welcome rain to forests, grasslands and crops, or torrential downpours, floods and hurricanes. Vast slow vortices of water connect her oceans from the furthest northern reaches to the southernmost haunts, from the shimmering sea surfaces to the dark deep beds, distributing warmth and nutrients, sustaining life with life.

Gaia’s breath is our breath, her water our water. Let Gaia live that we may live.

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We are worried for our long-term future. They have nowhere to go and all the while their houses are being devalued

Exeter Express

12:00 - 25 September 2003
Blood disease sufferer Tory Ashby has spoken of her fears about working in the shadow of a telecommunications mast that mobile phone company Vodafone wants to upgrade. Tory Ashby, 24, from Hammet Road, Cullompton, developed aplastic anaemia, which can lead to full-blown leukaemia, two years ago. She is now in remission but is worried about plans by Vodafone to upgrade the mast near her office at her family's Otter Plant Sale business in Beare, near Cullompton. She said: "I am more prone to infections and more at risk to leukaemia and similar illnesses. "Fighting the constant applications for various masts is becoming tiresome and it seems as though, when we win one battle, another phone company makes an application. "We are worried for our long-term future. There has not been enough study to confirm just what risks there are."

The Vodafone plan is the third mast application for the small hamlet, which has about 35 residents.

Another application by Hutchison 3G to put a 15-metre transmitter on the same trading estate is currently the subject of an appeal.

East Devon District Council refused the application on visual grounds, its close proximity to residents' homes and the stress and anxiety it would cause them and the impact in their quality of life.

Another application for a mast share on the site was approved by the council but never utilised after strong protests from residents.

Miss Ashby developed the illness two years ago, a year after she started working at the
Beare office. The cause is unknown.

Miss Ashby has been in remission for about six months and attends the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital for monthly check-ups. She remains worried that her condition, where the bone marrow stops producing enough blood cells, could return. Miss Ashby's worried father and employer, David, 51, has put extra cladding on the walls of the business premises.

She is the second person in the small hamlet to contract a cancer-related illness. Jenny Wright, whose home is 40 metres from the mast, is recovering from breast cancer. The retired school teacher said: "This thing is sapping away at our energy and our finances. We feel that we are trapped."

Councillor Ruth Burrow has criticised Vodafone for wanting to upgrade a mast within yards of the workplace of a recovering cancer victim. The original mast went up seven years ago and Vodafone wants to install newer technology. Cllr Burrow, who has checked over the site with fellow councillors, said: "I feel so sorry for the residents of Beare who are being threatened by one telecoms application after another. They have nowhere to go and all the while their houses are being devalued."


Local vasodilator response to mobile phones. Further studies are needed to protect tomorrow the irreversible diseases of today?

* Further studies are needed?
* To protect tomorrow the irreversible diseases of today?

And next year, the WHO will publish another report. And the report will say again that the cancer rate is expected to rise next years.
Local vasodilator response to mobile phones.

Paredi P, Kharitonov SA, Hanazawa T, Barnes PJ.

Department of Thoracic Medicine, Imperial College School of Medicine at the National Heart and Lung Institute, London, UK.


The use of mobile phones with the resulting generation of potentially harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) is the focus of public interest. Heat generation and the activation of the inducible form of nitric oxide (NO) synthase may be possible causes of the biological effects of EMF exposure. We investigated if a mobile telephone conversation can modify skin temperature, NO, and nasal resistance.


We studied the effect of an EMF (900 MHz) generated by a commercially available cellular phone during a 30-minute telephone conversation on skin temperature, nasal NO measured by chemiluminescence, and nasal minimal cross-sectional area (MCA) measured by rhinometry. Eleven normal subjects (mean age +/- standard error of mean [SEM], 32 +/- 5 y; 10 male) were studied.


There was a similar and significant increase in skin temperature of the nostril and occipital area on the same side as the telephone (maximal increase 2.3 +/- 0.2 degrees C at 6 min) as well as a tendency for higher nasal NO levels (maximal increase 12.9 +/- 4.9% at 10 min), whereas the MCA was significantly reduced (maximal decrease -27 +/- 6% at 15 min).

Such changes were not recorded when an earpiece was used to avoid the direct exposure to the electromagnetic field.

There were no changes in the skin temperature and nasal NO measured on the opposite side to the mobile phone, whereas the MCA was significantly increased (38 +/- 10%).


Exposure to EMF produced by a mobile phone produces biological effects that can be easily measured. Microwaves may increase skin temperature and therefore cause vasodilation and reduce MCA.

Further studies are needed to study the long-term effects of mobile phone use and the relation among NO production, vasodilation, and temperature.

PMID: 11192886 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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From: iris atzmon
Sent: Monday, September 29, 2003 4:18 AM
Subject: a global heat

A myth is that the standards protects against heat.

This myth is sold all over the world, with a clear conscience of the bodies that run public's lives, globally. The standard talks about heating of 1 degree.

Here is a study that shows heating up to 2.3 degrees within 6 minutes- at the same side of the head where the phone is. =Abstract
What's more, the study shows activation of the inducible form of nitric oxide in the nose.
I would like to ask:
A. If this happens after 6 minutes, what happens after 30 minutes?
B. Who is going to tell the public all over the world, that the standard not only doesn't protect against non-heating effects, but it is scientifically proven by a very formal institute, Imperial College School of Medicine at the National Heart and Lung Institute, London, UK- that the standard does not protect against heat- who will dare to tell it to the public? What is all the silence about it? I have never heard so strong a silence! It's the imperial College, isn't it a very
respected institute? This is not a "rebellious" scientist who disturbes the beauty sleep of the WHO, ICNIRP, FDA, etc. etc...
C. Who is going to tell public that all the "standard research" is simply, wrong?  Who will admit that? Is it going to be Dr. Michael Repacholi? Never. Never will he tell the parents of the world about the mass-brain -heating  of the children all over the world. No compassion.  Clear conscience. The greatest disaster- this silence consequence- is yet to come. And next year, the WHO will publish another report. And the report will say again that the cancer rate is expected to rise next years. What are the reasons? Nothing new under the sun: Eat "balanced" nutrition, go jogging, don't smoke and hoops! You are protected against cancer !  So simple.


Informant: Dr. Miguel Muntané


IBM Corp., ex-employees go to court over 'cancer cluster' 00

Informant: Don Maisch


Research papers on congruity of microwave bioeffects and schizophrenia

Hi Klaus: As you can see below, John has given his permission for the draft of his paper to be released, although it is not in its final edited form, because he realises the research he presents is too important for helping those who are badly affected and the medical personnel whom they approach for help. It is really generous and selfless of him to share his thorough research with all of us, even though this is not his final  polished draft. Not all of us might rise/bow to such humility.

Best,  Imelda, Cork. 

Dear Imelda,

Thank you for your encouraging comments. Attached is the Microwave Bioeffect Congruence with Schizophrenia paper with Table. You may send it to whomever you will, though I have not formally copyrighted it yet, it is more important to get the information out. Thank you especially for the more academic people to send it to. I hope to more fully respond later. Will send the Remote Behavioral Influence Technology Evidence in another email.  Thanks.
Omega see under:


NEWS: Psychiatrists answer hunger strike, again

Hi Klaus:  I am forwarding the second statement, dated September 26, 2003, by the APA (American Psychiatric Association) to MINDFREEDOM association in which the APA addresses major challenges to its treatment of mental illness. A full account is available on

My comment:  The content of the APA statement raises many questions in light of the detailed research presented by John J. McMurtrey in the draft of his paper, "Microwave Bioeffect Congruence with Schizophrenia." The most obvious question is: how can John have shown so unequivocally from a huge trawl of the scientific, medical and technical literature (and the original sources are presented by him in 233 endnotes that anyone is free to check out) that myriad observable bio changes do occur and yet the APA write of a "lack of a diagnostic laboratory test capable of confirming the presence of a mental disorder"? Comments from your group regards this would be most welcome.

May I also add that I think it would make a tremendous difference to all if the term Mental Disorder were changed to Mental Reordering. And indeed, that may also reflect with greater accuracy what exactly happens to the minds/brains of many of those who are affected by EMF emissions.  It IS a reordering of the mind/brain. I am rushing here so can't develop this
further right now.

Best,  Imelda, Cork. 

Love Sickness

The article "Love Sickness" by Brian Deer, in yesterday's--28/09/03--THE SUNDAY TIMES (Magazine section, pages 42-50) highlights once again the self-serving pharmaceutical  trend to pathologise what really may be just normal/healthy preferences in social behaviour and states of contentment. The medical doctor leading this campaign is, Dr. Rosemary Basson. She is well-funded by pharma money to promote the reality of a female sexual disorder/disease whose dominant symptom is that the female patient has no interest in sex. 

Brian Deer points out  "For hospital ethics committees to approve new-product trials, they must first have a disease for the product to treat. No disease, no treatment. End of story.  But if the campaign Basson launched to change definitions succeeds, sexual interest disorder becomes a bona-fide problem to which remedies may be properly addressed." And he discloses that a major concern he has is that "the British doctor may be pathologising healthy women, and bringing medicine where it doesn't belong."

Best,  Imelda, Cork


Electromagnetic Biology and Medicin

Don Maisch has made me aware that there is now a name change to this journal. Since no one else seems to have posted this information, here goes....

Scott Hill

Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine (formerly Electro- and Magnetobiology)
Volume 22, Issue 2, (2003)
Edited by:
A. R. Liboff 1
Joseph R. Salvatore 2

1 Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan Rochester, MI
2 Hematology and Oncology Departments, VA Medical Center, Phoenix, Arizona

Journal 2003
Soft Cover | Illustrated
Volume: 22 | Print Issues: 3
Print ISSN: 1536-8378
Online ISSN: 1536-8386

Description Uniquely covering a new, increasingly important field, the relationship between electromagnetic (nonionizing) radiation and life, Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine examines questions concerning the role of intrinsic electromagnetism in the regulation of living systems-how it works, what it does, and how it might be harnessed, particularly for medical use. It also discusses the wide variety of extrinsic radiation with which everyone living in the developed nations is inundated.


Special issue on biophotonics in jn. exp.

My colleague Dr. Fritz Popp from Germany has informed me of a new publication on biophotonics in the Indian Journal of experimental biology. I will be glad to discuss these articles with anyone who is interested.


Environmental Defense: take action for the

Fall Vote to Put Senators on Global Warming Hot Seat

Autumn is here, but the political climate on global warming is heating up Capitol Hill. This fall, the Senate is slated to vote on the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act (S. 139), a bipartisan bill to cap heat-trapping emissions and halt global warming. This critical vote will be the litmus test on global warming for every senator.

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Spread the Word About Our Global Warming Petition

Over 140,000 people around the world have already signed our global warming petition. But we need your help to get more. If each of you told at least three friends, our 140,000 petition signatures would grow to almost 500,000 in no time. So please tell a friend today:



The Revolution, Part 3: Ultrafines