Newsletter (09 September 2006)

EMF fields in the brain increase nitric oxide levels




Sensitive people, and there are those who are sensitive to electrical and magnetic fields, need protection


Prescott's ethics fiasco 'hampering democracy'


Tories in call to abolish councils watchdog


Cell Phone War


Electro Magnetic Radiation from Antennas


EC opens public consultation on the protection of minors using mobile phones


Phone company appeal mast refusal


Phone company takes down controversial mast


An end to ‘mob’ rule on new masts


Mast is rejected




Mast not wanted near new homes


Keeping pressure on in phone mast battle


Anger over late phone mast letter


New snag in bid to move mast


Court says chemical sensitivity syndrome caused by electric heater


Holland has set 0.4uT limit for new HVTL


The KinderGUARD (TM) Product


Next-up news 4 09 2006


La problématique de la Téléphonie Mobile, des Antennes relais et de l'EHS


Next-up news 7 09 2006


Next-up news 9 09 2006


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 9. September 2006