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Are microwaves addictive?

The following  article appeared in today's local newspaper and I would like to pose a question to this list - Is there any evidence to suggest that microwave exposure  from mobile phone use may be addictive, such as stimulating a release of endorphins for instance?

Don Maisch

Text addicts in for detox

The Mercury (Tasmania)

Source: The Courier-Mail


By Ben English

in London

DETOX clinic to the rich and famous, the Priory is treating patients addicted to sending text messages.

Until now viewed as a habit that at worst irritates teenagers' parents, the mobile phone phenomenon has been officially deemed a full-blown addiction, with dozens being treated for compulsive communicating.

The Priory's addictions unit chief Dr Mark Collins said the problem was part of a wider obsession with modern technology.

"We've really noticed it in the past 18 months," he said. "There has been a big rise in the number of behavioural addictions -- and many involve texting,".

Dr Collins said some patients had spent up to seven hours a day  texting. One had developed repetitive strain injury because he spent so much time keying messages.

"We have a situation where some people look down on alcoholics and cocaine addicts but then go and spend five hours in an internet chat room," Dr Collins said.

A British survey has revealed mobile users are sending an average of eight text messages a day - up 15 percent on last year - in figures that mirror Australian data.


Reply from Henry Lai


Please see the 'our research on neurological effects" section of the attached paper. However, addiction is a very complicated process. I am not sure the endogenous opioid is related to your question.

Henry Lai


Mobile phone users 'addicted to radiation'

By Jerome Burne and Sarah Ryle

Observer (London)

Sunday March 14, 1999

The mobile 'high' is triggered by endorphins released in the brain when microwave radiation from the phone enters through the ear. According to an American expert on radio frequencies and health, one of the effects of increasing opiate levels is that it makes you want to drink more alcohol. 'The link between opiates and alcohol consumption is well established,' says Dr Henry Lai of the University of Washington and Seattle.

Public concern has increased following a number of reports suggesting low-intensity microwave radiation from mobile phones could cause headaches, short-term memory loss and even cancer.

Fears about radiation prompted the European Parliament last week to call for all mobile phones in Europe to carry health warnings - a significant victory for UK campaigners battling to persuade the Government to recognise potential hazards posed by mobile phones.

Euro-MPs took the unusual step of tightening proposals designed to regulate positioning of mobile phone transmitter masts.

The Parliament voted 'almost unanimously' on measures which recognise that the low-level radio waves emitted by transmitters may have long-term, harmful effects on people.

The industry denies that there are dangers: 'There is no firm evidence of adverse health effects from mobile phones,' says the National Radiological Protection Board.

'We liken these attitudes to smoking,' a spokesman for Friends of the Earth said yesterday. 'The growing body of evidence was ignored because it was not 100 per cent proved.'

The Department of Health said yesterday it is satisfied with the NRPB position, but added: 'We are aware of the health concerns and have commissioned research which is due to be published shortly. If it's a labelling issue, it will be a matter for the DTI.'

Tobacco manufacturers suffered multi-million-dollar lawsuits from smokers who proved they were not properly warned of health risks.


Informant: Don Maisch


To All Interested in EMF effects on and from living systems

Here are three areas of information which may, hopefully, add to your understanding of some of the effects relating to the hazards and healing possibilities of EMF/EMR:

Please share as widely as possible.

Dear Jim

........Is there any evidence to suggest that microwave exposure from mobile phone use may be addictive, such as stimulating a release of endorphins for instance?....

Don Maisch

1. Don: To my knowledge there is nospecific info to support above question.  I suspect addiction is same as in gambling.....the pleasure principle, plus reinforcement, e.g., feedback and the continual positive reinforcement of repetitive habit patterns.  Of course there are also the advertising media and proximity effects of one's peers and significant others using computers, playing comp games and using cellphones 24/7(which, in my opinion, is a sort of personal feeling of being in control and doing a "creative act" which makes one feel important in "accomplishing/finishing something meaningful")

The thought occurs that some recent research seems to indicate microwave stimulation effects (sharp rise time, digital signals) on the brain, the "hackers high"*, which may tie in to reinforce addiction thru the release of endorphins. Also consider the long-term hyperstimulation of the visual, sound and motion centers of the brain by the continually changing colors and intensities of images, sound and motions required. As a child and young adult my principle visual activity was reading, my motion activity was walking or working on cars, my hearing was the spoken word or classical music....completely different from the modern sensory inputs!  (I am 72, so go figure!)  Technology has moved so fast since 1975, I feel like living history!

Oh. BTW, on a lighter note, I was thinking about how the status symbol of today is the cell phone that everyone has clipped on.  I can't afford one, so I'm wearing my garage door opener!!  (Ha, Ha!)

*"hacker's high" coined by my wife, Roberta, who noted that when she worked on computers late at night would move into a hyperactivated state when inspired by the joys of discovery with the worldwideweb....also, doing computer games would activate her brainwave speed. She now uses computer games to activate her energy level in starting up on a sluggish day.  It was noted in a recent TV broadcast here that the counselors at Univ. of TX have become aware that many freshman students could not "unplug" and would stay on their computers thru the night to the detriment of their health and school work (an addictive behavior).

2. See the attachment, which is a very recent 48 page, copyrighted, unpublished paper by Dr. Haltiwanger, M.D., C.C.N. entitled, "Electrical Properties of Cancer Cells" (Omega: see under:

Dr. Haltiwanger is an psychopharmacologist, an orthomolecular psychiatrist, very much into EMF, liquid crystal & biomembrane research, especially the electrochemical aspects....a most remarkable person, with an overview of living system and interactive processes that is unique (and much needed in these days of overspecialization!).

3. Just returned from a most interesting Institute of Noetic Sciences Conf. in Palm Spgs CA, where my mentor, astronaut Edgar Mitchell gave an all-day, post-conference institute, entitled, "The Evolution of consciousness".

There were a number of very interesting points in Ed's presentation about aspects of consciousness as related to Quantum Physics on the micro and macroscopic scale. There have been some very recent (last 5 rears)  research in an area called "Quantum Holography" which is the best explanation I have seen for the fantastic sensitivity (down to the Quantum level!) of living systems (even some humans!), from microorganisms to whales, regarding the information content of geoelectric and geomagnetic signals. Basically, in electical potential changes and EMFs, it seems intensity of the information signal is secondary, waveform, resonance and frequency information is is what all life evolved into as a survival mechanism. The liquid crystal molecular layer mechanisms, microtubules, and DNA within the living cell seem to provide for info storage, transmission, reaction and sensing/detection capabilities.  For backup, in addition to Mitchell' website below, please see (thru the two books "The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms", by Mae-Wan Ho, and "Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis" by James Oschman.

Here is an abstract of a paper illustrating the above.

The Physical Nature of Consciousness.  What is Consciousness? An essay on the relativistic quantum holographic model of the brain/mind, working by phase conjugate adaptive resonance.

by Peter Marcer and Edgar Mitchell

Abstract: The quantum holographic model described provides mathematically founded specification in terms of physical laws for the nature of information, knowledge, qualia, intelligence, the self and consciousness. It explains how a brain/mind, its neurons, dendrites, synapses, etc may be postulated to work, so as to explain the well known binding problem. It sheds light on the fact that brains can be so much more versatile, competent, and efficient than their digital information processing counterparts, in relation to perception, cognition, language and intelligence.  Further, it provides a methodology, by means of which to predict the information processing morphology and signal dynamics of such brains, i.e. their neuroinformatics on various scales, so as to be validatable against the experimental facts of neurophysiology, neuropsychology, etc. The paper begins with an explanation of general scientific principles and concepts associated with the model, and supporting evidence is described. It ends with a proposal by means of which it can be further experimentally validated. This proposal concerns predicting the existence and the properties of microtubules internal to the axon of the neuron.  Such a prediction provides an independent confirmation of the long held, but still controversial hypothesis of Hameroff and Penrose, that such axonal microtubules are a quantum mechanism fundamental to consciousness in higher organisms, such as humans.

To order a copy of the above paper,  please visit the website:

Regards to all,

James B. Beal

EMF Interface Consulting


Information about EMF-sensitivity

These are 2 great interviews with information about EMF-sensitivity.

Informant: Iris Atzmon


Here’s a new one!



Cell Phone Explodes

Manufacturer is investigating

Wireless phones have become a way of life for many people but one of those phones knocked one woman for a loop over the weekend.

Tina McChristian's granddaughter was full of smiles on Monday but her family had a real scare the day before. Tina says, "I really thought my car was on fire because there was that much smoke." She says the smoke was coming from a new cell phone that the family had just purchased two days earlier. It was sitting on her daughter's lap as they were driving down the street. Tina says, "My daughter screamed 'my phone exploded. Pull over.' It sizzled. It exploded. There's a mark on my seat." Tina says when the phone exploded, the battery blew out of the compartment and ended up lodged in the car seat that held Tina's granddaughter. She says, "The baby could have gotten burned. Or what if my daughter had been using the phone?" Tina says there was absolutely no warning. The phone was just sitting there. It wasn't being charged or used. Tina is thankful that no one was hurt but she says she's a little reluctant about putting a phone up to her ear again.

Tina got the phone at Cricket but they turned her over to Kyocera, the manufacturer of the phone. She's waiting to hear back from them about replacement of the phone and possibly the car seat. Six on Your Side contacted Kyocera headquarters and they released a statement saying that they are aware of the incident and are currently investigating the matter. They add that the safety of their products is of utmost importance to them.


Cigarette smoke contains radioactive polonium; Go-ahead for CA lawsuit based on chemical exposure

Hi Klaus:  Yet another reason for supporting the forthcoming (from 01/01/04) legal ban on cigarette smoking in Irish bars and restaurants  featured in an October 4 letter to THE IRISH TIMES. Its third point of five reads "3. Cigarette smoke contains radioactive polonium and so is a radiation hazard. Very few smokers realise this."

Onto something different: You may have already featured this update on a CA legal case centered on cancer causing exposure to chemicals, but just in case it was missed I'll quote what was published in the IRISH EXAMINER (Thursday, 02/10/2003, page 13). "LAWSUIT PLANS: Two former IBM employees who believe their semiconductor factory jobs in the US exposed them to cancer-causing chemicals can pursue a lawsuit against the firm, a judge ruled.

Superior Court Judge Robert Baines said the cases of Alida Hernandez and James Moore, who worked in IBM's South San Jose California, microchip assembly plant for much of the 1970s and 1980s, could proceed to a jury trial starting on October 14."

Best,  Imelda, Cork,  Ireland



Jerry E. Smith

Author, Lecturer, Activist

Jerry E. Smith is the author of national best seller "HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy." HAARP is the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project and Jerry E. Smith's book about it is a title in the Mind-Control Conspiracy Series from Adventures Unlimited Press, now in its 5th printing.

He is a popular TV and radio talk show guest. He is now available to speak to your group!

He will come to your church, college, group, or organization to deliver a shocking, informative and illustrated lecture about HAARP, or just about any of the many other subjects he has researched in the last 30 years.

Jerry's easy to understand, down to earth approach has helped thousands of people understand the many "bad science and worse government" subjects covered in his writings and newsletter -- these include Tesla technology, weather control, electromagnetic warfare, electro-pollution, MK Ultra and mind control, global geopolitics, The New World Order, and much more.

Jerry E. Smith lives near the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, and so is available to travel worldwide to talk about HAARP or any of the subjects

covered on his website: .



Jerry E. Smith writes:

The High frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is the largest and most powerful Department of Defense (DoD) facility of its kind in the world -- just what kind of facility it is, however, is the subject of heated debate.

The government says it is a pure science research station, one intended to increase our understanding of the upper atmosphere. Detractors are not convinced.

Some researchers think HAARP is a prototype for a "Star Wars" weapons system. It may be an over-the-horizon type radar ... or it may exist to destroy incoming ICBMs ... or perhaps to fry out the electronics of enemy spy satellites ... or it might be used to disrupt enemy radio communications. Researchers think it might be intended to do these things because those abilities are all described in the original patents that the HAARP antenna array is based on.  The folks running HAARP deny any connection between HAARP and those patents, however. This, naturally, has opened them up to charges of cover-up and conspiracy. It's not the only thing they seem to be lying about, either.

I began writing my 1998 book "HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy" with the intent to sort out truth from fiction in the many claims about what HAARP could or couldn't do. I quickly learned that HAARP was but the tip of a very nasty iceberg.

I soon learned more about the down side of electromagnetic (radio frequency) technologies than I ever wanted to know. And that things are far worse in the Military-Industrial-Educational Complex than even I, as a "peacenik" from the '60s, imagined. My book became an examination of two major questions: what is the fundamental flaw in how we fund and conduct science, and how can a democracy defend itself from its own military and covert intelligence agencies?



Lecture by Jerry E. Smith - Based upon the book: HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of The Conspiracy

HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of The Conspiracy was about new technology and its impact on the health of our planet, ourselves, and our Republic. This lecture continues the author's research into emerging technologies and the globalist agendas they could be used to further. It is about the War on Freedom, The Great War of our time. The material will be instructive and shocking to all. This is an expos? of more than mere technological advances or mysterious military machinations, but an examination of the great forces at play in the world today and how those technologies will be used. This lecture reveals that you indeed are in the crosshairs, and what you can do about it.

Areas delved into include:

* The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), what it is, where it is and what it all means: The author will take the audience on a whirlwind tour of radio technology, from Tesla to the present, laying the foundations for the chilling revelations to come.

* The Revolution in Military Affairs: the military believes that they sometimes need to destroy a village to save a country; do they now believe that they will have to destroy our society to save our government?

* Electromagnetic weapons: who are the real targets? Did Congress really put an end to covert mind control experiments? Is there a connection between HAARP and seemingly "random" acts of violence - like the Columbine school shootings?

* Environmental and weather control: is "weaponizing" the atmosphere just the beginning - will the Earth soon become a weapon? Did Gaia get drafted?

* Global Geopolitics: the great war of the last several centuries has been the battle between those who believe mankind should be free, and those who believe humans need to be controlled. Some have called the movement to construct a single world government "global governance" others "a New World Order." It will be shown that there is more than just one NWO. Several factions are engaged in a worldwide struggle to establish their version of total global control. We will pull back the Emerald Curtain of The Great Oz to get a peek at who are the major players in this fight.

The lecture concludes with what can be done about it. The media owned by the Globalists daily tell us a world government is inevitable - is it? Is resistance futile? Can we fight the future?

As one might expect, this talk is tailored to suit the recipient audience, with emphasis on UFOs for one crowd, or mind control for another.


Email address:

Mailing address:

Jerry E. Smith

940 Freeport Blvd.

Sparks, NV 89431-6016

Home Phone: 775 359-3374 If you get a busy signal it's probably because he's on line. Email him and he'll get off and return your call.

Press Kit available on request.


Sonar 'may cause whale deaths'

Informant: azul