Newsletter (08 September 2007)

Long-term use of cellular phones and brain tumours: increased risk associated with use for 10 years


Cell phone use linked to possible cancer development


Electronics Zero in on Cancer Cells


Pulsed radio-frequency electromagnetic fields: dose-dependent effects on sleep, the sleep EEG and cognitive performance


The effect of mobile phone electromagnetic fields on the alpha rhythm of human electroencephalogram


People suffering from antennas


Adolescents' use of cell phones after bedtime contributes to poor sleep


Striking Bipolar Illness increase in the US


When Medicine Fails Us: Diagnosing Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Sensitivity


Why a microwave oven is bad for your health


Conference and symposium on 27 November 2007: ICNIRP - Do their guidelines adequately protect the public?


Mobile firm dubbed sneaky


Phone mast rejected


Council says yes to phone mast when it means no




Dismay at phone mast defeat


Probe as phone masts fuel scare


Council blunder over phone mast


We can fight this mast together


Government overrules council mast decision


Delhi pleads against cell towers


Arrest threat to mast protestors


Residents win phone mast battle


Turn Off Cell Phones in Hospital Rooms


Health alert over mobiles


Families gear up to fight new mast bid


Disputed phone mast goes up


Red mist falls on 'back door' mast


Unauthorised phone masts being erected


Mast Fiasco


Residents fail in bid to stop Pickardstown phone mast


Drivers risk two years in jail for using their mobile phones


Health Problems Increases from Radiation of Gabala Radar Station in Azerbaijan


Report buttresses argument against power lines


Statement no 1/2007 of the City Council in Kornik


Woman hurt as Nokia phone battery explodes


Keep flights mobile-free


Warnings over Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL)


In U.S., science is distorted to promote political and corporate agendas


Opera mobile: Hommage Tenore Oliviero Darancovi


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Omega-News Collection 8. September 2007