Newsletter (08 May 2004)

A woman diagnosed in the 2002, sixth case of cancer of the Quintana


An employee of the cleaning of the school has been following of labor loss by lymphoma detected for two years the closing report of the commission of investigation of the tumors does not make no reference to this patient.


The first data reveal normal levels in the LF waves

The incidence study is extended to its distribution by schools

In January of 2002, the doctors diagnosed one of the women of the cleaning of the school Garcia Quintana lymphoma in the belly. The affected, which had been 17 years working in the scholastic center, has maintained silence with respect to her disease in spite of the controversy arisen by the high incidence of cancer in the center to preserve her privacy and power to face her disease without seeing itself surrounded in this controversy. Now, when still it follows put under treatment and of labor loss, she has decided to present her registered case in case it could bear some relation to the other five in the school, according to the data facilitated by the Association Affected the School Garcia Quintana.

Between the month of December of the 2000 and January of the 2002 five cases of cancer were registered in the school, four of them in children and fifth in this worker. Later, the past month of November, a fifth infantile case was diagnosed altogether and sixth.

Examinations of health

It was during the first trimester of that year 2002 when, under the direction of the committee of experts created for the investigation of the three well-known cases of cancer then, the voluntary examinations of health to the students were made as much - 351 minors like a were put under the tests 53 adults "related to the scholastic center". From those studies compatible results with the pathology observed habitually in these groups of adult age were obtained and were not so pathologies that could adjust "to patterns of haematological premalignidad related to ionizing radiations or similar energies", and as it gathers the report. The existence "of an external etiológico agent could not either even be deduced of the collected data who was producing haematological alterations or in another type of organs".


In the dates in which analytical happiness and tests were made to know the state health of the people related to Garcia Quintana, this woman of the cleaning already was diagnosed and, therefore, she was not put under these examinations. Nevertheless, and although all these tests were made in collaboration with the hospitals of the city and other sanitary services, the case of this woman figure in the report and final conclusions of this committee of experts and does not do either when, after the fifth infantile diagnosis, it became to reunite to the same equipment to analyze the new circumstances of the conglomerate of cases of cancer of the school Garcia Quintana. By all it, it is now when the own one affected has decided to remove it to the light, two years later, when it has been possible to know the existence this sixth case; although, in this occasion, in an adult, age to which is much more frequent east type of pathologies.

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Informant: Alfonso Balmori


Heatshock from Sianette Kwee


In reference to Sianette Kwee's recent message:

Why am I not surprised to read from Sianette's report that De Pomerai was unable to find any effect by using Motorola's equipment. I smell a rat, especially with De Pomerai now apparently saying that "there might be no things as non-thermal effects". With statements like that he is assured a bright future!

In my opinion anything that Motorola is involved with is shonky. It's their corporate holy crusade to debunk non-thermal effects -pure and simple.

I say it again: ANYTHING that Motorola is involved with is biassed. Motorola now has the delightful habit of attending important conferences with a phalanx of lawyers who have an intimidating habit of ease-dropping on conversations. Motorola's game plan is to take over the science so that what happened to Big Tobacco will never happen to them. Researchers are intimidated and soon learn that they have a bleak future if they don't play ball. That has happened in Australia with Motorola effectively running the show. Perhaps De Pomerai has decided to play ball...?

Motorola Science:

Please see the following two papers on this on my web site,

1) "Bypassing Peer Review: Motorola's influence on mobile phone research in Australia (Or: Beware of Mickey Mouse Reviews)"



2) NEWSPEAK: Redefining the Precautionary Principle for the Cellphone Industry

Remember the Motorola axiom: "Truth is irrelevant - what matters is what sells".

Don Maisch


Re: Heatshock

Hi Klaus.

„- D. De Pomerai was supplied with a new exposure system by M. Swicord, Motorola and replicated his own experiments with support of MTHTR (and others?). This time he could not find any effects. He explained that this could be due to a temperature reduction of 0.05 degrees with the new exposure system. So his message was that temperature control is very important, as there might be no things as non-thermal effects.”

I suspect the final sentence is a misquote.  If dePomerai (et al) have to retract their several publications which have shown shock response at least two different frequencies, it would be a serious blow to claims of CANCER induction by microwave. However, claiming that the only effect of microwaves could be oncogenesis would be a gross misrepresentation--somewhat analogous to saying that we tested them against sunlight, and we find that microbes are harmless because they can't cause sunburn.

There are literally scores of researchers who have confirmed auditory (and tactile) effects of microwaves below the current ICNIRP or FCC exposure limits.  These almost certainly are nonthermal effects.

With regard to microwave hearing, it can be shown easily that the majority of the reports of this effect can not be caused by "thermoelastic expansion" or any other thermal-like mechanism so far proposed anywhere. In fact, it seems very likely that there may be no thermoelastic contribution to microwave hearing at all.

A sketch of the reasoning behind my claim here can be found at A more extensive and rigorous paper is now under consideration for publication.

John Michael Williams


Killed because of cellular antenna

From the radio news - As a result of a quarrel over a cellular antenna in the arabic village Iblin, west Galil, Israel, one man was stabbed and another injured, now he is in a hospital. (7.5.2004  10:00 radio news)

This is the second case in the world I know of, the first one was in Istanbul, Turkey, where a man killed two and injured three from his neighbor's family after they agreed to the installation of cellular antennas on their roof, opposite his home.

Iris Atzmon


Cyprus army base protests condemned

BBC News Online

Wednesday, 4 July, 2001, 09:22 GMT 10:22 UK

The Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, has condemned violence that left 40 police officers injured at a British military base in Cyprus. Eight are still in hospital after up to 1,000 people rioted on Tuesday following the arrest of a Cypriot MP, who had been protesting at plans to put up a radio mast near the base at Akrotiri.

Vehicles and buildings were set on fire and a nearby police station was destroyed in the violence. Forty police officers were injured during the trouble Mr Straw said the attacks were "completely unacceptable" and every effort had been made to assure the Cypriots that radiation from the mast posed no risk. He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "These bases are British sovereign bases, British territory. We have always worked very co-operatively with the Cypriot Government. "The Cypriot Government has been consulted about these changes... and a huge amount of effort has gone in to consult the local people and to satisfy them that these transmissions are safe."

The trouble flared following the arrest of MP Marios Matsakis for trying to break into the base at Akrotiri. Protesters burst into a nearby British police station where he was being held, demanding his release.

More protests planned

British military spokesman BBC correspondent Tabitha Morgan said security had been stepped up at British bases and a clean-up operation was underway on Wednesday to clear the debris from the violence. She said another demonstration has been organised for Wednesday night by the Cyprus Communist Party, which is a strong political force in the country. People were being urged to "march and demonstrate peacefully" she added.

Protesters say the six low-frequency masts to be built near UK bases by 2003 will emit radiation that could seriously harm local residents, especially children. They are also concerned about possible effects on migratory birds.

British authorities deny there is any risk to health, and say the antennae are needed for the UK military's global communications network. There are about 3,500 British soldiers based in Cyprus.

Informant: Robert Riedlinger


Addition to EMR harassment: the POW torture that dare not speak its name

Furthermore, the harassment via the implants may not be activated until an indefinite time after POW release and monitoring can be an off-again/on-again geographically distant, computer controlled procedure.

Omega see picture under

What all this amounts to is the worst type of POW slavery/usurption of individual's freedom and privacy. Can you imagine just how invasive it is when even their ablutionary and sexual activities are spied upon surreptitiosly via these implants. And not only the implanted victim's freedom and privacy is forfeited by covert miniscule implants but so also are those of all other persons the implanted victim comes in contact with. What a bonanza for intelligence agencies and for gaining ultimate political control!

At least people should be made aware that it may be even years after incarceration that they begin to sense they are under some type of remotely controlled EMR harassment. Their implants may have lain dormant (not made a tweek to alert the victim to having been implanted) for quite some time after insertion.  That is also why investigators of this ghastly Human Rights violation may conclude there is no evidence of such implants taking place.

Best,  Imelda, Cork.  


Study Finds Top Air Polluters Closely Tied to Bush Administration


World's great apes are running out of time, says Leakey

Humankind's closest animal relatives, the great apes, are facing extinction and need urgent action to ensure their survival, Kenyan environmentalist Richard Leakey said Wednesday.


Ocean creatures growing sicker and other stories

Marine creatures are succumbing to diseases faster than ever before, a new study finds. In the wake of alarming reports on dying corals, virus-sickened marine mammals, and tumor-laden sea turtles, Jessica Ward of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and Kevin Lafferty of the University of California, Santa Barbara, wanted to determine whether the number of scientifically published reports on ocean ailments showed that diseases really are on the rise.


Ahead of whaling meeting, Japanese research fleet prepares for next hunt


Global Climate Change & Peak Oil

Part II by Dale Allen Pfeiffer

- In part 1 of this article, we looked at the abrupt climate change scenario leaked from the Pentagon. We noted the authors' recommendation that the President should elevate abrupt climate change to a national security issue. And we observed that the Pentagon's next move was an effort to back off from the report's conclusions and ultimately bury the report. The Bush Administration has ignored the report entirely, aided by a powerful global-warming-denial lobby which promotes junk science produced by industry. . .


Satellite data confirms climate change




GM Food & Feed Not Fit for "Man or Beast"


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