Newsletter (08 April 2006)

Cell phone, brain tumour link


New study ties brain tumors to cell phones


Best evidence yet that mobile phones could be causing brain cancer


ROS release and Hsp70 expression after exposure to 1,800 MHz radiofrequency electromagnetic fields in primary human monocytes and lymphocytes


Effect of electromagnetic fields emitted by cellular phones on the latency of evoked electrodermal activity


All radiation exposure carries the risk of cancer


Mobile phone use and the risk of acoustic neuroma


Say to countryside goodbye, when even healthy people die


US FDA to review wireless phone safety


Some brief topical notes on TETRA


Disney offers teen-tracker mobile


'Diabolical' prospect


SCRAM NEEDS YOU: Dignified silence could cost you your life


Mobile use in public transport


Protect Santa Fe’s Public Libraries from Wireless Technology


Cellphone radiation "trapped" in train carriages


Mobile phone mast move


Too late to stop mast


Fears over mobile phone masts


O2 threatens legal action in mast row


BBC accuses Bracknell of mast application blunders


Phone mast plan rejected


Inspector dismisses appeal by Hutchison


New battle looms for campaigners over mobile mast


Stop UMTS: Electromagnetic fields and public health


Spy program snoops on cell phones


Overhead power line route back in play


Téléphoner peut nuire à votre santé


Télécommunications, le dossier:  Le Service Universel


Comprendre l'AFFAIRE ... en millions d'euro du Service Universel des Télécommunications


Portable et Santé


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 8. April 2006