Newsletter (07 July 2007)

Induction of Heat shock genes and cell cycle effect in human cells


WHO publication on Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)


Hidden danger for the EHS


Health officials ponder farm's dead animal toll


Bid to block masts rejected


New mobile phone mast fight


Historic street 'wrecked' by mast


Outrage at mast plan


T-Mobile digs in to secure graveyard mast


Mast at St. Francis of Assisi, Wednesbury


The WiFi Blues


Forestry plantation cut down to facilitate the erection of a mobile phone mast




Protest at phone mast above flats


Residents protest at mast proposals


Are radio waves causing only host of "ailments"?


Cancer cluster claims rejected


Overuse a cell, and zap your brain cells


Worries over Growing Popularity of Wireless Technologies


Democracy Failing in Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada


Phone mast signals give me headaches


Mobile phone towers


Not only birds fall victim to power lines


Mobile phones failed to trigger car bombs


The false gods of scientific medicine revealed: It's a cult, not a science


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 7. July 2007