Newsletter (06 October 2007)

Link Between Autism and Mobile Phones


Radiation risk from everyday devices assessed


Radiation risks: real or imagined?


Cell Phone Users Experience Phantom Ringing, Suffer From Ringxiety


Why are allergies on the rise and how can medicine combat them?


Electrical Hypersensitivity, Bee Stings, Polio Vaccine, Cell Phones


The possibility that EMF causes serious health problems


Increasing incidence of childhood leukaemia


Minister to address health survey concerns


New investigation into phone masts


Cell Phone War


The Cellular companies and the Health Organizations do everything to hide the truth from us


Repacholi Admits Interference from the Industry at the World Health Organisation EMF Project


Dr. Carlo´s evidence for Jersey mast review


Interphone 2.0 is underway


European Environmental Agency Director goes for the Danes


How can people who are elected to represent people allow this kind of subterfuge to continue?


Wireless Devices, Standards, and Microwave Radiation in the Education Environment


Green Party: new policy initiative cell phones and wireless


Your phone calls are no longer private


T-Mobile mast appeal


Mobile phone mast plea falls on deaf ears


Landlord vows to fight mast bid


Ofcom appeals to High Court over mobile mast ruling


Pressure on Health as Jersey pauses on masts


Major row erupts in Dunmore over mobile phone antennae


Pylon inquiry to hear health data


US trumps states over siting power lines


Mysterious North Shore hum remains elusive


DS and PSP Can No Longer Be Played on Japanese Airlines


The harmful effects of irradiated foods


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Omega-News Collection 6. October 2007