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Mobile phones can cut men's fertility


SV: Israeli T.V: Mobile can cut men's fertility

This has just been presented. I got a call today from a specialist at the largest Danish hospital in Copenhagen, who told me about it. Now he believes me and will start to look into the matter.

Sianette Kwee


Sperm study, Creativity and "The largest Study" competition

BTW, When the israeli newspaper reported about this study, in  addition to the warning sign (triangle with a picture of sperm + the word "Danger"), it said that in the end of this year will start "the largest study of its kind in the word, that will try to determine the danger level of the radiation. It will include no less than 250,000 people and will last for 15 years".  It said that the expert that leads the research says that "the last 15 years, in which the cellular phone turned into a daily tool, are not enough in order to determine conclusively the damage level of the radiation".

So we have 2 studies "to wait for"-  IARC's and the British study. Some competition.

Although there is the polish study on the polish soldiers, which lasted for 20 years, our  creativity expert, Prof' Yossi Riback, head of public health school of Tel Aviv University, says that the whole story with Szmigielski study was that the soldiers complained because they wanted to improve their conditions (service conditions). He said it on T.V.

Iris Atzmon


Mobile phones can cut a man's fertility by a third

Comments Dr Miguel Muntané:




From: Deb Carney To: Roy Beavers (29.2.2000). “Our thanks to Dr. Lai, who has identified 2 papers on the effect of low intensity microwave exposure on insulin (diabetes connection), stress and sex hormones.”

“There is a paper by two Russians (Ukrainians) Navakatikian and Tomashevskaya on effects of low intensity microwave exposure on stress hormones, insulin (the hormone related to diabetes), and sex hormone. The paper is published in English (Navakatikian, M.A., and Tomashevskaya, L.A., 1994, Phasic behavioral and endocrine effects of microwaves of nonthermal intensity. In: "Biological Effects of Electric and Magnetic Fields, vol. 1", D.O. Carpenter, ed., Academic Press, San Diego, CA., pp. 333-342).”





Free Communication

Room: HALL 3

Date: 29-06-2004     From:  15:15:00     To: 16:30:00

Session 39 - Male Fertility / Mixed Topics

162: Relationship between regular cell phone use and human semen quality

I. Fejes1, Z. Závaczki2, J. Szöllõsi3, S. Koloszár4, L. Kovács5, A. Pál6

1University of Szeged, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Szeged, Hungary


Environmental factors can be responsible for the deteriorative sperm parameters detected in the last decades. The effects of the electromagnetic field of mobile phones (»900MHz) on human spermatogenesis have not been studied yet. Our aim was to determine possible relationship between regular cell phone use and the different human semen attributes.


Localisation: University of Szeged, Dept. Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Hungary. History taking was supplemented with questions, how long patient owns mobile phone, how long it is standby in a day (in hours) near the patient, and how long it transmits daily (in minutes). Semen analyses were performed using Makler sperm counting chamber. Sperm concentration, motility according to WHO guidelines, motile sperm count and progressively motile sperm count were assessed. Comparison between non-users and very active users has been drawn. Statistical analyses were performed using SPSS 11.0 software.


A total of 451 patients were examined during the 13 months of study period. Among the 221 men corresponded the criteria and completed the study, significant correlations were found between duration of standby position and sperm concentration (r=?0.161, p=0.04) length of daily transmission and rapid progressive or slow progressive motility (r=?0.191, p=0.005; r=0.323, p<0.001, respectively) and between the duration of standby position and rapid progressive motile sperm concentration (r=?0.218, p=0.005).

Furthermore, difference was found between daylong standby and non-standby users in sperm concentration (59.11x106/ml vs 82.97x106/ml, p=0.021, N=51 vs 46) and between prolonged transmitters and non-transmitters in rapid progressive motility (36.31% vs 51.34%, p=0.007, N=16 vs 61).


The prolonged use of cell phones may have negative effect on spermatogenesis and male fertility, that presumably deteriorates both concentration and motility. Further controlled randomised studies are necessary to precise the correlation coefficients.

Informant: Reinhard Rueckemann


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Satellite Antenna


I have a residential satellite antenna of 12 gigahertz (LNB 900 megahertz) just next the room of my children. I want to know if it is nocive for them, and what is the distance we need for a good installation without risks of pollution.

Thank you,

Rodrigue Vincent


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