Newsletter (04 October 2004)

Sianette Kwee: "I think we are slowly moving forwards"


PubMed studies (abstracts)


Mobile Phones and Brain Damage


Electromagnetic Fields, Leukaemia and DNA Damage


Children's use of Mobile Phones needed urgent Attention


4 teachers got cancer


Why no wiser about mobile risks ?


New Radio System Causes  Burns


Iraq Mobile Network Brings Benefits and Bombs


How Industry Manipulates Science


Gillette and the RFID chip


RFID promoter can't stand being tracked


RFID tags hidden in clothing labels


Privacy questions arise as RFID hits stores


Hidden RFID Tags


Wearable Truth Detection Unit for Security Screening


Big boss is watching


Scalar Wars


Can Hurricanes Be Used As WMDs ?


Kirtland laser beam aims for use in Iraq


Restrictions on Taser Gun Use


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