Newsletter (31 December 2005)

Chernobyl, WHO and Utteridge's mice: Is there a connection?


The Schwarzenburg shut-down study


Cancer Cluster in Spain 2000-2005


Tetra & telecommunication masts


Can we make the phone mast-cancer link?


Your Cell Phone Is Making Me Sick


Mobile mast put up on the wrong spot


Group gets £150 not £43m


School's battle against phone mast


Victory after mast protest


Mast ruined our football match


Straide says ‘no’ to phone mast plan


Power to the People


A Non-EMF Community?


Firm bids to retain masts




Even if you detest this mast, don't pull it down


Widespread concern in Netherlands over 3G mobile phone masts


Growing concerns pertaining to the alarming increase in the placement of unauthorized cellular telephone antennas in Israel


A new antennas law has passed in Israel


ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF): Nothing will stop the Truth - Champs ElectroMagnétiques (CEM): Rien n'arrêtera la Vérité


CIA 'Rendition' Exposed by Cell Phone Use


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News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 31. December 2005