Newsletter (31 July 2004)

Heat Shock Proteins (HSP)

Workshop Consensus Statement HSP-Helsinki 2004

Dear Dr. Haberlund,

I have read the so-called revised version of the Helsinki meeting on hsp70 on the COST website (a highly inappropriate site for this report, by the way). Before this meeting I knew that any research that indicated that hsp70 was NOT only induced by heat, would be an exercise in futility. The safety standards for cell phone use are firmly in the hands of the cell phone industry. And, apparently, that is where they will stay at least until there is a cancer epidemic in a country like Israel where everyone, including small children, are connected to each other by cell phones because of the volatile and dangerous environment there daily.

We have measurements on SAR at the Drosophila level. We have have detailed engineering measurements made while phone was on and off. We have controls and resent the statement in the summary report that we do not. These and other relevant details are contained in our paper (Weisbrot et al, 2003 J Cellular Biochem*) and should be read by any honest scientist. Furthermore, the reported measurements were peer reviewed. The reporter for BEMS Newletter distorted the reports given at this Helsinki meeting and I have so informed them. It contradicts the Mays Swicord and BEMS reporter version (the latter, incidentally, was the only reporter allowed into the meetings).

As in so many instances in the past, the cell phone industry goes out of its way to discredit any scientific data that is contrary to their agenda.

Sincerely yours,

Reba Goodman


Department of Pathology

Columbia University

New York, NY

*Effects of mobile phone radiation on reproduction and development in Drosophila melanogaster


EMF and Stress proteins (Hsp) or Heat shock proteins

Physiology and Cellular Biophysics Faculty Martin Blank, Ph.D.



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