Newsletter (30 October 2003)

Things are accelerating in Denmark


Things are accelerating here in Denmark. Daily articles about 3G protests in all newspapers. The 3G case has turned into a big scandal for this government.

All the political parties have now demanded a hearing (public information meeting) in Parliament with the 2 responsible ministers (Science/IT Technology and Health) on the 3G scandal and health effects. The ministers had to agree to this. We have asked that experts from abroad should be invited.

Our goal nr. 1. "The 3 G masts should be closed now and no more masts be built, until research has shown results", has started to be fulfilled:

The mayor and the local authorities of many of the largest towns (Copenhagen, Aalborg and several others) have decided that no new masts will be raised on all public buildings until there is certainty that they are harmless. Their decision was based on, that if  their citizens were concerned, then their fears should be taken seriously. Every day more towns are joining. Now the town councils will try to find out if they also can stop the mast building on private properties.

The director of the telephone company TDC said, this was a drastic and unwise decision. The local authorities can only stop the masts for a very short time, because part of the licence agreement was, that they should cover at least 30% of the country with 3G masts by 2004. In Sweden the phone companies had sued the town councils in court for stopping the building of masts and they, the companies, had won these cases. However, as a token of goodwill, he was willing to inform the people where the new masts are going to be raised!

As to our other goal:2. "The ICNIRP standard has to be reviewed drastically and

3. New lower safety standards for radiation also in Denmark"

The largest newspaper that started the debate has now been writing daily the past two weeks about the issue: i.e. the wrong basis for the ICNIRP standard ("spherical cow" concept) - the lower standards in countries as Italy and Switzerland - non-thermal effects etc.

This week all the schools in Denmark are taking part in a project to make a newspaper on the theme "Brave new world". Many classes have chosen the subject "Mobil phones -  are they dangerous and why?" I have been contacted all week, given personal and telephone interviews to numerous classes from schools all over the country. The kids do a very good job and take it very seriously, I am surprised how sensible they are. It is going to be a competition between all the different schools. So their articles will be distributed to all schools and hopefully read by many parents too.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Science/IT Technology  is working very hard to discredit me. Their chief phoned the Dean of the Faculty and the head of the my department late at night to enquire about me. Their Minister is very angry, because his Ministry had not supplied him with the relevant information. So when he met the press and other media, they made a fool of him. Among other things they wanted to know who had appointed me as Denmark's representative at EU's COST project. The dean could not answer this question and I was out of the country. So he sent them my extensive CV and that kept them quiet. Then when I came home, I supplied him with the document which was an official letter from that same ministry to their EU ambassador in Brussels, in which they proposed me as Denmark's COST representative, signed by the head of the department!

Kind regards

Sianette Kwee


Re: EHS Volunteers Needed for U.K. Government funded Cellphone Testing

Dear Klaus

Many thanks for spreading the word about our study.

As Sheila and Imelda mentioned, we are indeed keen to speak to anyone who is sensitive to mobile phones and who might like to take part in our experiment.

Just to clarify, though, volunteers do NOT need to be current mobile phone users. People who are sensitive to mobiles but do not currently use them are also more than welcome to take part.

Kind regards

James Rubin

Study Co-ordinator: King's College London Mobile Phone Study


Tel: 020 7346 3798


Can "fundamental" properties of matter be artificially changed/altered?

(1) Can *fundamental* properties of substances be changed by external artificial means?

Part of my thesis as a grad student in chemical engineering was predicting the temperature profile of a rod with convective & radiative losses. One end was embedded in a furnace and the rest was exposed to the air. My model was subsequently used by another grad student whose project was to verify that the thermal conductivity of the metal (rod) could be changed by applying ultrasonics to it. (I suspect this would facilitate improvements in some manufacturing process of the company that was sponsoring the research grant.)  They already qualitatively knew this happened but needed to quantify and tabulate the results.

Along the same lines, I seem to recall reading that certain EM fields could even change the decay rate of a radioactive substance. If that is true, then could it apply to a decay that produced an anti-particle? Artificially increase the decay rate and use the anti-particles immediately in an annihilation reaction to generate heat/energy (i.e., better than a battery or fuel cell; a pseudo "Element-115"?).

What other so-called "fundamental" properties can be changed/altered via external means?

(2) Although we are by being human and are quick to criticize things we don't understand, it appears there was a sound "method to their madness" of the scientists, politicians, military planners and engineers involved in the Manhattan Project.

Check out Carey Sublette's detailed "Chronology of Nuclear Weapons" at .


"Microwave" Cooking

Food prepared in the microwave oven leads to changes in the blood

But the disruption of the water molecules is so intense that they are literally torn apart and become structurally deformed. Chemists even have a name for this phenomenon: structural "isomerism." The energy fields of what we eat-and our own bioelectric energy fields as well-were never meant to go through this kind of incredibly rapid, chaotic polarity switching. Exposure to microwave ovens causes all cells to lose their delicate electrical charge. You may also recall from the section on Water in this chapter that when the electrical charge (carried by the electrolytes) of an organism is damaged, the organism breaks down and malfunctions…

see further under


Big brother or the mark of the beast?

Sierra Times

by Becky Blanton

If homeland security’s extreme precautions against terrorists  haven’t gotten under your skin, look again. That’s just what they’re about to do -- with VeriChips. A VeriChip is a rice-sized radio frequency identification microchip designed for tracking everything from products to people. The company who created the chip (Applied Digital Solutions) has announced that organizations in Brazil and Mexico have begun implanting the chips in children. ... Depending on the public’s response, some American’s can expect to find VeriChips being offered in the U.S. as part of a child-identification program very soon.

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Ozone counters carbon storage and other stories

Trees soak up and store carbon dioxide, buffering rising levels of industrial emissions tied to global warming. However, a new study finds that high concentrations of ozone, a main ingredient in smog, greatly impede this process. In effect, one form of pollution is blocking the planet's ability to deal with another.


Help Greenpeace USA

Greenpeace wants to bring its ship, the Esperanza, to the Port of Miami for supplies and to bring people from the Miami area on board to discuss our efforts to protect the Amazon rainforest.

We have been denied permission to carry press or visitors in our inflatables to and from shore.

The Port of Miami and Mayor's office is being inundated by calls from people objecting to the decision to refuse us entry. So much so, they are NOT taking calls and only faxes..."

To read the full account see:

Don't let the Port of Miami keep Greenpeace out and silence our voices. Contact the authorities in Miami and tell them that they should allow the Esperanza to dock in Miami!

You can read more about the current situation and the Bush administration's attempts to shut us down here:



Monsanto and other big biotech companies are tinkering with a mainstay of Canadian farming and a staple food for many people around the world - wheat. Monsanto, in collaboration with the government of Canada, is developing genetically engineered (GE) wheat that is designed to resist its "Roundup Ready" herbicide when applied to a farmer's field to kill weeds. The company plans to bring it to market by 2005 or so. Other biotechnology companies are developing different genetically engineered wheat varieties.

There has been intense opposition to GE wheat in Canada and amongst many of Canada's major wheat purchasers. Greenpeace is petitioning the Canadian government to halt this program and is eager to get international signatories to show the breadth of opposition to genetically manipulated food.  So far the petition has about 6500 signatories from over 55 countries.

If possible, please sign this petition before 5 November (although later signatures are also welcome):