Newsletter (30 June 2007)

Human blood-brain barrier permeated by MW exposure


Cell Phones: you tube videos


Environmental accountability for avoidance and reorganization of environmental damage


The Urban Decline of the House Sparrow (Passer domesticus): A Possible Link with Electromagnetic Radiation


Statement by a Body of Doctors on the Placement of an O2 Mobile Phone Mast in Cambridge Rd Crosby


I'm allergic to mobile phones


Mast Victims Stories


English teachers see mobile phones as weapon


WLAN is to be banished from the school sphere


WiFi under the water


Vicar drops phone mast plans


Parish hall phone mast ditched after objections


Beauty spots' masts refused


Investigation into mobile phone masts


Diocese of Lichfield Responds to Mobile Phone Mast Protests


Health fears prompt phone mast protest


Radiation may have a greater impact on humans than previously believed


Vodafone’s new mast move in Carlanstown


Serious Council Dispute Over Cell Phone Antennas in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada


Anger over phone mast plans


Anger over mast payout


Mast battle is resumed


Council 'hugely embarrassed' over mast blunder


Alzheimers: degeneration changes in electrical properties of cells


Parents lead fight against power line


When Bad News Is No News




The Connection Between Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Aspartame


Energy-saving light bulbs 'are threat to epileptics'


Is Your Cell Phone Bugged?


Bluetooth bikini sews up iPod apparel market


Netgear promises 3G femtocells by end of year


Dossier le Kiditel


Création de la Fédération Départementale de la Drôme des Associations et Collectifs


Next-up News n°259


Radars et CEM: Constatation d'une d'une grave dérive?


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 30. June 2007