Newsletter (02 December 2004)

Usfie Cancer Cluster

Enclosed are some facts from Israel, the town of Usfie, sitting on the long top of Mount Carmel:

A cancer cluster was observed only in a narrow strip on which ~40 cellphone antennae plus ~15 illegal ('pirate') radio stations were posted: Cluster involved 189 sick, mostly cancers (but some stroke or neural diseae), of which 85 deceased (up to November 29, 2004). Injuries were associated with increased depression and suicidal incidence. The high students' academic achievements, dropped to last in the country, wild birds left town, and frequent birth malformations were obserbved in domestic animals.

We have full records and documents for 87 cases (sick and dead), but partial if any medical documents (besides diagnoses) for the rest (about half of them rest in peace already). The sick / dead lived close to (one or several) antenna, up to 300 meters in few cases. Medical records and information, were collected by a dedicated women committee, chaired by Mrs Myra Abuzluf, by a door to door search.

When sick and dead, and antennae were superimposed by Col. (ret) Suleiman Aburokan (Vice city mayor), on topographic city map, a grim cancer cluster appeared:

Explaining the legend from Dr. Zamir Shalita (colored points): The blue labels are for high 1st generation masts, the yellow are for 40 cellphone + illegal radio stations transmitting to Arab countries, the green are for the sick, mostly cancer, and red are for the dead.

One picture is more effective than thousand words!

Some history: On March 14, 2000, the ' antennae of '1st antennal generation' in town, were burned down by rage citizens, after no one in authorities admitted citizens' antennal inflicted injuries. Only five of those responsible for antennal damage, were prosecuted and fined (NIS 2,000 each =US$ ~456.-) for "order disturbance, and damage to property" or similar charges. No one was sued by the owners of the equipment turned to ashes (millions of US$ worth)... Later on, comouflaged antennae made remarkable comback, and injuries just increased until present time.

Please see for yourselves,

Zamir Shalita



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