Newsletter (29 April 2006)

Neuropsychological sequelae of digital mobile phone exposure in humans


Abstracts and links on aspects of Skrunda studies  


The Science of RFR Health Risks


Mobile Phone And Mast Radiation: How Dangerous Are These?


Mobile phones may slow your reactions - Les téléphone mobiles peuvent ralentir vos réactions


They should not be allowed to gamble with our lives


The HPA acknowledged the condition of hypersensitivity exists and that it affects some people in the population


Council admits mast land mistake


The council has done nothing


BBC Click report on wireless technology


Proposed mast at Kew Gardens


ICNIRP reviewing guidlines for exposure to EMR


ICNIRP EMF exposure guidelines to be revised (update)


6 masts on St Paul's Church, Orpington


An engineer who helped pioneer mobile phone masts is campaigning against one being erected near his local hospital on health grounds


Mobile phone mast invasion is a modern plague on all our houses




Residents fuming at ‘unfair’ mast


Isn't a 'statistical association' sufficient to necessitate appropriate remedial action?


Mast plans lead parents to threaten boycott


Objectors await phone masts verdict


Step forward for O2 mast


Mast victory


Approval for phone mast plan as safety guidelines are met




Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Registry


Anti-mast campaigner council bid


Calling for a phone signal? Do you love or loathe mobile phones?


Permit Streamlining Act, SB 1627


Vodafone refuses to turn off mast


"Second class stamp to blame" for mobile phone mast planning permission


Mobile phone mast recommendation being ignored


Pylon cancer fears put £7bn blight on house prices


Experts rule out houses near pylons


Shielding for high voltage powerlines


Health Protection Agency - EMF Discussion Group (EMFDG)


Mystery as car alarms go haywire


WiFi, DECT, MOBILES, Sans fil, mais pas sans risques


Next-up News 23 Avr 2006


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 29. April 2006