Newsletter (28 October 2006)

Tumour risk associated with use of cellular telephones or cordless desktop telephones


Brain & Nervous System Cancers..Seattle Cancer Care Alliance


Relationship between cell phone use and human fertility


Diagram of mechanisms linked to ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF) exposure


Briefing Report on Electromagnetic Fields: Health Effects, Public Policy and Site Planning


The masts are just the visible tip of the iceberg of microwave radiation


EMF/EMR-related toxicity -- electric meter exposures


Who is funding cancer research now?


India wakes up on radiation hazards


Electromog in the environment 2005


Greek: prohibition for mobile telephone masts, radar and high voltage lines to be within 500 meters of any school


Anger over plans for new phone mast




Brandon Hill mast a disgrace - Cllr Ann Phelan


No faith in masts on church towers


Residents "not informed" about new mast plan


Phone mast plan sparks anger


Please contribute to our community campaign web site


Determined to stop mast plan


Anger over MP’s call


Silent protest at church  


Families win mast battle


Phone mast dirty tactics victory


Ritalin is Poison


Key to understanding the EMF issue


Do not put a pricetag on


Raytheon ray gun....use on US citizens before military use


“Unidentified Acoustic Phenomena” in New Zealand


Schéma des mécanismes liés à l'exposition aux Champs ElectroMagnétiques (CEM)


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 28. October 2006