Newsletter (28 January 2006)

Significant increases in the risk of benign brain tumors, especially acoustic neuromas, following the use of mobile telephones


1.8 times more acoustic neuroma after ten years mobile phone use was found


The electromagnetic fields of cellular phones and the health of children and of teenagers


Acute mobile phone effects on pre-attentive operation


Microwaves and Insects


Mobiltelefonstrålning ofarlig?


Half breast cancers tied to environment


EMF Conference: February 2006, Italy


Masts INSIDE Your House?


Silent Killer


New hope for phone mast campaigners


'Fry Willy'


Phone mast pair in court over costs bill


We'll keep on fighting against phone masts


MP's phone mast fears


Residents take action over mast


Deputy Prime Minister: Telecommunications Masts


Mobile firm branded ‘time wasters’


Bid to squash Orange mast plan for school


‘Mast to stick out like a sore thumb’


Submission from Lynne Featherstone MP to the Scrutiny Review of Mobile Phone Masts


TRAHVOL: hopeful powerline fears heard


SWEEP news 13


Dossier bornes de mesures des CEM des antennes relais de Brest


Téléphone mobile: Synthèse Nouvelle Etude Tumeur & Témoignage audio


Les antennes à l'index jusqu'à nouvel ordre


Bio-electromagnetic Weapons


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 28. January 2006