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TETRA: To Pulse or Not To Pulse - That is the Question

We keep hearing, from Airwave and from certain ‘Government scientists’, that TETRA masts don’t pulse. (Don’t miss ’Hairsplitting’ article on home page.)

Whilst that’s not the most basic issue with TETRA - the Stewart Committee warned against ’Amplitude Modulation’ at around 16Hz, and everyone agrees that’s happening in TETRA mast output - pulsing is generally agreed to be a feature of major concern in mobile communications systems (See also Freiburger Appeal on Starweave home page.)

So how can you and I know who’s right and who’s wrong?

Well, thanks to Rod Burman, an electronics expert on the Isle of Wight, we can actually look at a TETRA mast output and decide for ourselves.

Rod runs an electronics business on the IOW (web ref. below) and has kindly sent me recorded traces from a live TETRA mast. See his email, and the evidence, below.


Dear Grahame

I've just been reviewing your excellent web site as there is a proposal to erect a Tetra mast close to our home on the Isle of Wight.

There is a temporary base station about 50m from a home at Cowlease hill near Shanklin and the people there are already suffering from many of the well known symptoms associated with exposure to this type of radiation, headaches sleeplessness disorientation etc. - and this station has only been operating for 1 week.

Re ‘Oops! What a giveaway’ [Starweave home page] I thought you might be interested in some pictures of pulsed transmission that I recorded from that base station using a simple diode detector and a rather ancient analogue storage scope. Feel free to use them on your web site. Tetra doesn't pulse, Oh really!

Keep up the good work

Kind regards

Rod Burman

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Informant: Alfonso Balmori


Solar Storms?

Dear Mr Klaus,

This might be something of interest.

On Friday 24th. October 26, 2003 I was listening to my aircraft radio receiver. I live directly beneath the major flight path in Manchester, England, which aircraft use when incoming from North America and Scotland on their way to land at all the International airports in the south of England or Southern Europe.

I was listening to frequencies around 129 MHz. And especially the frequency that deals with Scottish flights on their way to England. It was around lunchtime. I was trying to pick up any radio transmissions from one of the last Concord flights, which had left Edinburgh Airport en route to Heathrow. Concord would be travelling over Manchester, and I was trying to spot it.

I rang The Radio Agency and reported this interference, asking them to investigate. They said they would send me some forms to fill in.

I charted this phenomenon on 25th. October 2003. This clearly displays a sequence!

Time. Am.    Duration of interference/Seconds.

9.45                 5

9.49                 5

9.53                 5

9.56                 4

10.00                6

10.03                5

10.07                5

10.11                5

10.14                4

10.18                6

10.21                5

10.25                5

10.28                6

10.32                5

10.35                6

10.39                4

10.42                5

10.46                4

10.50                4

Makes me think that the sunspots were used to mask some kind of man-made electromagnetic transmission.

I have been reading about Interferometers and weather pattern changes, and also the HAARP project recently. Apparently these systems can give off tremendous amounts of electromagnetic power, causing changes in the upper atmosphere.

Makes one think! What the heck is going on?

Barry Fletcher.


Air Force EM Bioeffects Research



Louis N. Heynick


Brooks Air Force Base, TX 78235

Final Report USAFSAM-TR-87-3 (June 1987)

Haven't read through it all yet, but it looks extensive.

James Roberts, Lebanon, OH

(Omega: look also to )


RFID /Radio Frequency Identification):

Will this be our next artificial EM concern? When will be we irradiated to industry's satisfaction?



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October  2003

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The Bolivian people reacted strongly and decided to take the country's sovereignty into their own hands. Coca cultivation has since time immemorial been part of the Bolivian culture, while cocaine is a foreign invention alien to this culture. Eradication of coca is thus perceived as a US imposition having no legitimacy within the country. On the other hand, natural gas is one of the last remaining economic resources the country still has, all the rest (from silver to tin) having already been exploited first by Spanish conquerors and later by transnational companies, leaving the country poorer than before. The detail that gas would be exported through a Chilean port -which in a past 19th Century war left Bolivia without access to the Pacific Ocean- added insult to injury.

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Evidence Of Things Unseen: The Rise of a New Movement

Informant: Jean Hudon


Down with Big Brother's spying eyes


Lead Us Not Into GM


United Nations day of shame

Especially on this United Nations Day [October 24], it is scandalous that the UN's wanton sacrifice of science and technology to its own bureaucratic self-interest creates significant obstacles to innovation that could help the poorest of the poor. In particular, the UN's involvement in the excessive, unscientific regulation of biotechnology--also known as gene-splicing, or genetic modification (GM) -- will slow agricultural research and development and promote environmental damage.,03717.cfm