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Cell-phone technology as we know it now must be abandoned

Hi Klaus

A further note about the 1 V/m used in the Dutch study and the note you posted from John Michael Williams with his calculations.

JMW did not factor in the base station antenna gain, which is usually considerable (e.g. +14 dBi), so although there may only be 10s of watts actual RF at the end of the cable, the antenna focuses this into a beam typically about 20 degrees vertical and 90 to 120 degrees horizontal. This results in typical Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) of between 20 and 30 dBW per carrier in a horizontal direction of normal macrocell (12 metre high and above) base stations. For the UK people can log on to the government's site and have a look at some base station EIRPs.

20 dBW is 100 Watts, 30 dBW is 1000 watts effective microwave radiation. Most base stations have at least 4 RF carriers (or equivalent for 3G). So Effective Radiated Powers typically range from 400 to 4000 Watts. E = Square root(30*ERP)/ distance = (110 to 346) / distance.

This results in 1 volt/metre at about 100 to 350 metres from the base station antenna (not the 55 metres calculated by JMW)

With my COM and Acousti-COM monitors (see web site - there is even a short GSM sound clip there) it is apparent that base station radiation dominates the RF environment everywhere other than close to a major broadcast radio mast - even then it is questionable, and phone masts usually are still more dominant. Near an airport you can hear the sweeping radars, but although strong, they are slowly pulsing. It is the amplitude modulation (a.k.a. 'pulsing') (from a few cycles/second to 20 kHz or even 50 kHz for 3G) from mobile phone base stations that I strongly believe is the main hazard. And, yes 3G does have LOTS of 'nasty' 2 to 50 kHz amplitude modulation noise on the signal, whatever rumours you here that 3G does not pulse.

The industry and governments have adopted a novel definition of 'pulse' which would mean that humans blood pressure does not pulse! They now say something has to switch purposely completely on and off and on again to be said to be pulsing - just switching up and down between two levels is not adequate to be called pulsing by their faulty new definition.

I now agree with Gerd Oberfeld, Chief Medical Health Officer of Salzburg, and colleagues in that bedroom (especially) from GSM (etc) pulsing base stations should be below 0.02 volts/metre. This means that cell-phone technology as we know it now would have to be abandoned. It could only be used for emergency purposes with relatively few high-mounted antennas. It would work fine for that. But the masses of message people expect to use their phones for require masses of base stations close to where they live and work - radiating them regularly (and constantly in some places) to several volts per metre.

I could take you to many apartments in London where there is over 6 V/m CONTINUOUSLY from nearby base stations. Many people in these apartments are becoming ill with headaches and chronic fatigue type stress-related illnesses.

They may well eventually increase cancer rates (stress is generally believe to make people more vulnerable to developing cancer).

Best wishes

Alasdair Philips


Newman appeal decided?: hypothetical cancer relationship



excluding expert testimony of Dr. Lennart Hardell, a Swedish epidemiologist and star witness for the plaintiff.

Is this judicial method the future?


It is not necessary to study the “Microwave Syndrome” (in 3G), I suggest to study only the successful “Repacholi Syndrome”.

First contaminate, and never investigate the health alteration before any contamination, just  to count the number of dead people and ten---twenty..  years after “to try to understand” the possibility of hypothetical cancer relationship.

Is this scientific method the future?


Dr Frey’s own papers reveal that the US Defense Department withdrew funding after three studies had confirmed these effects.

Soviet Proof That Mobile Phones Do Cause Brain Damage

By Kathy Moran

Daily Express (United Kingdom)

November 10, 1999

Evidence that Soviet scientists used mobile phone radiation to cause brain damage more than 20 years ago has been suppressed, it will be revealed today.

Intelligence documents have been censored to hide the fact that Western governments have long been aware of the deadly danger of microwaves.

Yet when it was announced earlier this week that Swedish scientists have conducted similar experiments showing mobile phone use could lead to an increased risk of multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases their finding were again dismissed.

Today, Alasdair Philips, a leading researcher into the effects of microwave radiation, will reveal to a London conference into mobile phone adverse health effects that he has uncovered copies of the original papers which back up claims made by the Swedish team.

Mr Philips, who runs Cambridge-based consumer group Powerwatch, said: “It is mind-numbing that people are still trying to claim there is no scientific evidence that mobiles could be harmful.”

“People need to be given the full facts so that they make up their own minds and take precautions to guard against harmful effects.” But vital paragraphs had been removed when American Defense Intelligence Agency Documents into Soviet microwave radiation research were published earlier this year in Tim Rifat’s ‘Remote Viewing’ study.

Later, when a campaigner in Northern Ireland applied for a copy of the document DST-1810S-074076 as evidence in the battle against mobile phone masts in schools, she was sent a sheaf of virtually blank pages.

The uncensored documents reveal that Soviet military scientists has successfully used microwaves of the type used by mobile phones to weaken the blood brain barrier. This is meant to protect the brain from harmful substances in the blood.

According to Dr Louis Slesin, editor of American specialist journal Microwave News, US army scientists had succeeded in duplicating the Soviet experiments by 1977 – eight years before mobile phones became generally available in Britain. But Britain’s 17 million mobile users have been told repeatedly by the industry and Government-funded bodies that there is no scientific evidence that mobiles can cause harmful effects.

Dr Allan Frey, who carried out some of the earliest American research, believes there is “significant evidence” against mobile phones. Dr Frey’s own papers reveal that the US Defense Department withdrew funding after three studies had confirmed these effects.

(c)1999 Kathy Moran and The Daily Express

Express Online

  • there is insufficient scientific evidence?
  • just to count the number of dead people?

Message from Dr Miguel Muntané


Microwave emissions


For anyone unfamiliar with microwave emissions and its damage to human physiology .We have recently obtained information that microwave cooker transmitters are being removed and attached to satellite dishes and used as weapons which can penetrate walls and  buildings and damage anyone who lies within the field generated by those emissions. This is a silent weapon that is already being used subversively .

Microwave energy is now surrounding us from many, many sources as member Klaus's posts clearly show.

It will be difficult to know whether these rays are passively or actively trying to damage us, as all microwave sources are potentially hazardous and everyone should make themselves aware of those dangers by at least reading in part some of what is happening worldwide in the control of microwave use .

We can say with certainty long term exposure to cell phones WILL damage your health. Cell phones have been shown to save lives in emergency situations however we do not recommend them for normal use as a phone and particularly for young children more at risk to those emissions.

We state again that should always be in moderation and text messaging may be an alternate means to avoid those harmful exposures.

Chairman FFI INT


What you don't know might kill you...

Cell Phones (hand-held mobile phones) Emit Microwave Radiation

"Neither radiofrequency (30 kHz-300MHz) nor microwave fields (300-3000 MHz) exist as significant components of the natural terrestrial electromagnetic environment. In consequence, our human generation is the first to voluntarily expose itself to artificial RF/microwave fields that cover a wide spectrum of frequencies and intensities.

What is the effect of the radiation?

While industry sponsored studies have failed to show a clear link between cell phone usage and brain tumors (there are other effects which have been ignored by industry studies), independent scientific studies show that the radiation from hand held mobile phones do pose serious health risks and can increase the incidence of brain tumors. Microwave signals travel through human tissue, glass, metal and plastic. Human tissue also absorbs microwave radiation. The effect of even minute levels of microwave radiation have been shown to:

   * open the blood-brain barrier

   * heat head & brain tissue

   * disrupt brain activity

   * reverse cell membrane polarity

   * alter brain waves

   * alter brain chemistry

   * damage DNA

The effects of the radiation can produce a wide range of physical symptoms. Some symptoms may take years to show up. Some of the effects can be short-term while other effects can be long-term or permanent. Opening the blood-brain barrier allows toxins into the brain that cause a wide range of ailments - many of which are currently unknown or poorly understood.

Some symptoms of cell phone usage:

   * headaches

   * memory loss

   * mood swings (rage)

   * fatigue

   * loss of concentration

   * lack of coordination

   * pain in hands or arms

   * nausea

   * sleep disorders

The Evidence

If you use a cell phone you could be at serious risk for delibitating and life threatening illness. Following are just a few of the studies that document the risks associated with exposure to the radiation from cell phones:

Cell Tower Radiation Shown to Cause Headaches and Nausea - Three Dutch ministries recently conducted a study that found that the radiation from the next generation cell phone towers can cause headaches and nausea. The study is the first of its kind and compared the impact of radiation from base stations used for the current mobile telephone network with that of cell towers for new third generation (3G) networks. The study used lower a dose of radiation than cell phones. Hand held phones emit stronger radiation when they are used, while cell towers transmit more constant levels of radio signals, exposing everyone within range.

"If the test group was exposed to third generation base station signals there was a significant impact... They felt tingling sensations, got headaches and felt nauseous," a spokeswoman for the Dutch Economics Ministry said.

Cell Phone Radiation Opens the Blood-Brain Barrier - A study headed by Leif Salford, Department of Neurosurgery at Lund University in Sweden and published in Environmental Health Perspectives suggests cell phone use can damage neurons in the brain. A number of studies have looked at potential links between cell phone use and cancer, most finding little or no effects. This study found that exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by certain phones was associated with the leakage of labumin through the blood-brain barrier and neuronal damage that increased in response to the amount of exposure. While the study sample was small, researchers said the combined results are "highly significant and exhibit a clear dose-response relation."

The Head Absorbs Radiation - Headaches, nausea, dizziness, short-term memory problems, fatigue, and other complaints resulting from cellular phone use are not due to low-level heating of the brain; instead, they're apparently caused by the head serving as an "antenna" and brain tissue as a radio receiver, according to two Jerusalem researchers. Zvi Weinberger, a physicist who heads the applied physics department at the Jerusalem College of Technology, and Dr. Elihu Richter, head of the occupational medicine unit at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health, suggested this in the latest issue of the journal Medical Hypotheses. Mobile phones, they explained, "broadcast specifically at frequencies at which the head serves as an antenna and brain tissue serves as a demodulating radio receiver." Thus, precaution must be taken in the use of cell phones, they wrote. Jeruselem Post 12/02/02

Mobile Phone Signals Affect Brain Activity - A study reported in the Journal of Sleep Research (Blackwell Publishing) found that 30 minutes exposure to electromagnetic fields, as from GSM mobile phones, caused changes to brain activity which lasted long afterwards. Dr Peter Achermann and colleagues from the University of Zurich, and ITIS, in Zurich, found that blood flow increased in areas of the brain on the side nearest the phone, and that this effect lasted for over half an hour afterwards. They also discovered that the brain’s electrical activity (‘brain waves’) was not only affected immediately after the exposure, but that this lasted through much of the subsequent night’s sleep.

Radiation From Cell Phones Can Make Cancer Grow Faster - "Italian scientists have raised new health concerns about the safety of using mobile phones, with research showing radio waves from the handsets makes cancerous cells grow more aggressively.." Reuters, 10/23/02

Cell Phone Radiation Can Cause Brain Tumors - An epidemiology study conducted by Dr. Lennart Hardell found a higher incidence of brain tumors on the sides of heads used by mobile-phone subscribers to make and receive calls. The study was published in the August, 2002 issue of the European Journal of Cancer Prevention.

The body of evidence showing the hazards of cell phones is more than sufficient to cause alarm, yet, public health organizations continue to stall while the cell phone industry builds more towers and makes Billions selling more phones. Just as the tobacco industry was able to hold back the truth regarding the health effects of smoking, the cell phone industry has prevented the truth about cell phone safety from reaching mass media. If you care about your health and the health of your family, take the time to educate yourself and have the courage to act on what you find.

What you can do to reduce your risk:

   * Simply don't use a cell phone or stand close to someone who is. Humans have survived up to this point without them. We can continue to survive without them.

   * If you must use a cell phone use it only in places with a strong signal. This allows the phone to        transmit at low power (up to 100 times lower than its maximum value), reducing exposure                accordingly.

   * Minimize the length of calls.

   * Extend the antenna and hold it away from the head. Hold the phone away from your head                  whenever possible.

   * Use a hands-free kit with an external antenna and keep the phone away from your body.

   * Do not use an earphone unless it is one made of fiber optic cable. Studies have shown that a           metal earphone wire can act as an antenna and direct radiation into the head from the ear canal.

For more info. visit: The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive |

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