Newsletter (25 February 2006)

Did masts cause my tumour?


Would you stick your head in a microwave oven?


Long term studies showing the adverse health effects of exposure to radio frequency radiation from wireless technologies


Prof Goldsmith about Dr. Repacholi


Why States Believe Foolish Ideas: Non-Self-Evaluation By States And Societies


Tobacco and Pharmaceutical Bungs


The woman allergic to modern life


5.5 million mobile phones are owned by children in Britain


Cell phone risks cited in studies: three groups find danger of tumors




A Canadian university bans Wi-Fi


DECT Cordless Baby Monitors


Council bans phone masts on its land


Phone giants bows to people-power


Mast in the belfry?


Inspector calls at mast site


A row has broken out after a legal loophole allowed a mobile phone mast to be erected despite local protest


Outrage over plans for another mast


Current planning guidelines do not recognise adverse health effects of masts


Bar child mobile services, say MPs


Uproar in Edenmore


MPs' motives for attacking mobile phones scrutinised


Phone mast campaign stepped up


Phone 'mast-ers' of deception fail to convince protesters


Councillor objects to mast plan


Residents up in arms over phone mast


Campaigners take bid to save schools to Holyrood


Public school faces storm over mobile phone mast


Kids say no to phone masts


Bullied into submission


A mysterious force is non-starter for drivers


The National Animal Identification System


When it won't need a tyranny to deprive us of our freedom


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 25. February 2006