Newsletter (24 June 2006)

Effect of electromagnetic field produced by mobile phones on the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD-1)


The incidence of electromagnetic pollution on the amphibien decline


Public education regarding harmful effects of EMF is nilch in the USA


Swimming In A Deadly Sea: Awash In Radiation


Dr Goldberg's brilliant book on microwave radiation


Light during darkness and cancer: relationships in circadian photoreception and tumor biology


Cell phone use linked to brain tumors?


Repacholi to retire


Children and mental health


Mobiles 'as addictive as smoking'


Group will keep an eye on phone masts


Ireland: Anti-mast postcard campaign


Can council not refuse these masts?


Fight to keep beauty spot phone mast


Fight to close mast loophole


Cell phone mast 'affecting my family's health'



Mobile phone users warned of lightning strike risk


Mobile phone ban to be lifted in hospitals as ward costs rise


GPS data applied to link radar emissions, cancer


UK MEP: U.S. Appeal for your support re Electromagnetic Radiation funding


EPA tests show high levels of electromagnetic waves


Biological Effects of Microwaves


EMFs and health-related issues topic of Aurora town meeting


Mobiles: are they doing you harm?


A town in Sussex - Essex study


Essex University Experiments


The World Cup: Ronaldo with 'Radio Wave Sickness'?


Industry continues legal dance around health lawsuits


Doug Loranger & B. Blake Levitt on KPFA


The cost of brainwash or antennas for lunch


Leukaemia risk: 80% afraid of living near power lines


L'Expansion: Free asticote les rois du portable


Au hasard dans la rue 4,4 V/m


Dossier Santé: Champs ElectroMagnétiques et Fausses couches


Le "triple play": un suicide financier pour les opérateurs historiques?


Dossier Santé: les Enfants, les Leucemies, et les CEM


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 24. June 2006