Newsletter (23 October 2003)

Dutch Government Study Finds Non-Thermal Effects from Exposure to Mobile Telecommunications Antennas

“My impression is that this is a zero experiment,” commented Dr. Niels Kuster of IT’IS in Zurich.  He wondered why van Rongen had not used higher exposures so that he would have had a better chance of picking up a response. Van Rongen acknowledged that the field was very low but said that he was bound by the instructions of the ethics committee that had reviewed the experiment.

A print version is available in PDF format at:

1 from 3 israelies will have cancer. Survival rate: 50% [50% says :or yes, or no. It says nothing]. 1 from 8 women will have breast cancer." The director of cancer registry told us that only part of the causes of cancer are known and listed the life style causes- smoking, nutrition, lack of exercise, some viruses, the sun.

Robert De Niro was pictured cited "I have cancer" with details about his disease. A guy who had cancer as a child and was the star of the advertisment of the Association for Fighting Cancer for years, and became a healthy adult, was pictured as a proof that everybody can win cancer.

Yes, we live in a country where you are educated to cut before you even have cancer. No one explains here that a damaged gene can be prevented from creating the cancer. Why prevent when you can just cut? Yes, women here cut their ovaries, uterus, together with the breasts, "Just in case". None tells them that cancer is a systemic disease and that cutting does not prevent it from coming back, on the left  organs. But all the time their was the brain wash on the screen: "Cancer can be prevented" [but we won't tell you how] but only when you "go to early detection". Because according to the numbers of the  Association for Fighting Cancer, women who go to early detection,  reduce their risk in 90%" this is in total contrast to the real data numbers, but who counts?

As long as we cry and open our wallet, we are told everything. And children, the children who suffer so much from cancer and the horrible treatments the go through "We want to be normal", "Why do I have to die"? "People look at me differently because I am bald, but I am not different",  it makes you wonder - how can they continue with this cynical game on people, and how do you make people see that, when they are so swept by the cancer propaganda, by the false data, the avoidance from telling the truth to people. But the cancer production is so well done, with so many tears, and again people will say: They do such a wonderful job, they really help people". It's only that they are totally controled by the industry and play the same game, with our money.

So who will really fight cancer? The director of the Association cancer society said that her target is to "defeat cancer". Her husband is the manager of a chemical waste site, the biggest chemcial waste site in Israel. Will she ever mention "environmental chemicals" in her "defeat" plan? with her budget of about 50 million shekels? So who will fight cancer?