Newsletter (23 September 2006)

GSM Base Station Electromagnetic Radiation and Oxidative Stress in Rats


Non-thermal bio-effects found in study of Lookout Mountain residents


Increase of breast cancer near antennas


Mobile phone users 'stressed out'


How shall we cope with the increased amount of airwave radiation?  


Benevento Resolution on Electromagnetic Safety


EU Commission consultation on EMF's


Urgent funding request for Professor Olle Johansson to continue important work into electro-magnetic fields and human health risks


Wi-Fi in Schools


Vodafone risks massive fine in Greek scandal


R mobils th nxt 2bacco?


UK Base Station Locations to be Published


Secrecy threat over phone mast locations


New mast sparks protests


Outrage at phone mast secrecy bid


Mast blast residents set for crunch meeting


Village up in AAMMs over plans for new phone mast


GRAM Appeal Against Vodafone DISMISSED


How can I find out where the nearest mobile phone base station is?


Church says it was misled on mast plan


Brain tumours at BBC Pebble Mill


Westminster eForum Keynote Consultation Seminar on the EU Review of Telecoms Regulation


Health Canada: power line poses no risk of illness


Parents want power lines moved in Cave Creek


How the media should respond to science "scare stories"




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Omega-News Collection 23. September 2006