Newsletter (23 May 2004)

Israeli Municipalities Appeal to the High Court

Herzelia and Ramat Hasharon municipalities appealed to the high court to order the cooperation of the municipalities representatives in choosing the location of cellular antennas because of concern to the citizens health.

The municipalities appealed with the cooperation of the planning and building committees, to cancel the order which enforces local committees to enable erection of cellular antennas without having the right to consider the subject, and without  informing the public.

The appeal was filed by lawyers Raanan Har Zahav, Lior Katz and Zev Zytman, says that the national plan TM"A 36 enables erecting antennas in every point in Israel, without informing the public, without letting the public to be part of the decision process, without giving the public the basic rights to resist, by tying the deliberation of the public representatives who were neutralized from influence.

The opinion of Dr. Zamir Shalita was enclosed, he explained that the standard in Israel doesn't protect the citizens and that there's a real base for the public concerns.


Informant: Iris Atzmon


Cell Tower Updates: Can You Hear Me Now?

Dear Klaus:

Thank you for signing Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility's e-petition on Cell Phone Towers in national parks.

Your signature and support is extremely important as PEER and others pressure the National Park Service to create an agency-wide policy that curbs the proliferation of cell towers throughout the national park system.

Only one park of 397 has adopted a cell tower plan. Instead, telecommunications companies are now going park to park. In the latest case, Cingular has asked the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to build three towers.

Since PEER's last call to action, cell towers in the national parks have been widely covered in the media. But that is only the beginning. Read below and see what Members of Congress are getting involved or visit PEER's campaign page for news and highlights:


International Scientific Conference : Childhood Leukaemia, Incidence, causal mechanisms and prevention

The following UK conference comes at an opportune time for Australia. Currently the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is conducting an inquiry  into revising the current power frequency exposure standards (1000mG residential/5000mG occupational) as a result of the NRPB's Doll report on the doubling of the risk of childhood leukaemia at a level of 4 milliGauss. Within weeks ARPANSA is starting a 50 home, Melbourne EMF survey to determine the extent of EMF exposures in the sample homes chosen. It is very much an issue on the front burner here at the moment.

Will ARPANSA go against the science and simply re-instate the old ICNIRP 1000/5000 mG limit dogma or will they act to lower the allowable levels, considering the standard is supposed to be a "health based standard"? Whatever the case we should know by the end  of this year.

Don Maisch


Ross Adey died on May 20

Posted on the Microwave News website. Dr. Adey's death is of signifance because of the man and his work. For those who knew him, he was a true inspiration. I hope others will review his work on electromagnetic radiation and health. This man was a medical doctor as well as a scientist. He chose to spend the later part of his life passionately and brilliantly promoting lower EMR exposure standards. May he rest in peace. Go to

Libby Kelley

Council on Wireless Technology Impacts

May 2004

In the late 1970s, Adey set up a new lab at the VA Hospital in Loma Linda, CA, where he carried out studies on the role of power frequency EMFs in the promotion of cancer and later, on the potential cancer risks following exposure to cell phone radiation. As the chair of a committee of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) investigating ELF health effects, Adey made waves by recommending strong action to curb public exposures. He endorsed a 2 mG exposure standard for 50/60 Hz EMFs (see MWN, J/A95). This was too radical for the NCRP leadership and today, close to ten years later, the council continues to refuse to release his report. Adey prompted another stir when his studies of long-term exposure to cell phone radiation pointed to what appeared to be a protective effect -that is, exposed mice developed fewer tumors (see MWN, M/J96, J/A96 and S/O99). Motorola, which paid for Adey's experiments, repudiated this finding and soon afterwards stopped supporting his lab. It closed down a short time later. In an interview with Fortune magazine in October 2000, Adey urged that research continue: "There is a big task ahead to define what the lowest level of safe exposure could be," he said, predicting that, "Wherever we go we will be immersed in a sea of low-level pulsed microwave signals." A memorial service will be held in a few weeks in the Los Angeles area.


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