Newsletter (23 April 2005)

Osafia’s activity becomes stronger


Sleeping near Mobile Phone Base stations accelerates Cancer


Federal ‘Marshall Plan’ Needed to Protect Children’s Health and Schools


To be more persuasive, anti-mast campaigners must give up mobiles


Tall story in two parts of the city


The Spanish association of promotion of cancer DES informs again


Save us from 'killer' police radio masts


Mobile mast health fears - mast problems from the UK


The physical impairment electrohypersensitivity and society: collision or kiss


Fight to halt phone mast


Health worries delay phone mast decision


Petition on Masts and TETRA


Letters to IRISH EXAMINER re mobile phone health concerns


Campaigning residents to fight mast plan to bitter end


Protest over Scholes mast


Councillors call over phone mast requests


Phone mast row firm pledges talks


'No' to mast plan


New bid for 'porcupine' phone mast


Electromagnetic radiation danger challenged


New move in mast row


Company removes banners


Where Journalists find their best EMF stories


Magenta News from Mast Network


Omega-News Collection 23. April 2005