Newsletter (22 November 2003)

Electrohypersensitivity on Danish TV: program 29Direkte

Tonight at 19 o'clock the Danish television will bring a short broadcast about Electrohypersensitivity (EHS). The chairman of the Society for EHS will be in and me.

It is at 19 o' clock on the first Danish TV channel (non-commercial), DR TV1. Their website is . It should be possible to see it all on the website during 1 month.

For those do not understand Danish I refer the questions they asked me:

Is there any proof, studies, articles, that show that EHS exists?

Is the problem more serious after we got the 3G masts?

Can we, other people, also get EHS?

I answered, that there are many studies published, but I specially mentioned the recent Dutch study.

The Dutch study also showed that the group of non-EHS people got the same symptoms as the EHS group from 3G masts. So EHS is not something that only hits electrosensitive people. Therefore I rather call it Radio sickness.

As you know TV always cut down one's comments to only a few minutes or seconds. But this is at least what I said.

Sianette Kwee


First Serious Report in Israel - Forget 3G

I wrote some time ago that Haifa is the first city in Israel where the vice mayor decided to take the issue of the cellular antennas issue seriously, and he postponed any new towers (as much as he could because by law- the companies can sue municipalities if they don't agree to put antennas where the company wants)- until he has a picture of the recent studies of the effects.

The irritated doctor/ health center I wrote about some time ago -  this story is doing its way to the local newspaper next week.


On the Non-ionizing Radiation Red Herring

Iris Atzmon.



Klaus: I have a comment regarding the following information received from Alasdair Phillips:

"I believe the thermal / non-thermal distinction is essential, though it should be called 'thermal' vs 'informational'. The life effects being seen are due to electromagnetic (electrical and magnetic) fields interfering with living cells and living beings internal natural bio-electric communications used to determine what the various cells in our bodies should be doing at any time. It is not an issue of power and or heating, but of signalling. Alasdair"

There has been a lot of controversy over the past many years regarding "thermal vs. nonthermal effects." I think Alasdair Phillips makes a very strong point that "signalling" is the basis for the downward spiral in health due to chronic, prolonged EMF/EMR exposure. The argument in regard to heating of tissue, while applicable in certain instances of radiation exposure, etc., diminishes the importance of what is really going on in regard to those who are subjected to spending many hours each day and/or every night in close proximity to sources of EMF/EMR even at readings as low as between 2.0 and 4.0 miligauss.

The journal article "Leukemia 14, 1161-1173 (01 Jul 2000) is titled "Heat shock proteins modulators of apoptisis in tumor cells. I found the article on the site, which features "signaling." This article indicates that "normal development of cells and maintenance of tissue homeostasis requires tight regulation of proliferation, differentiation and death processes. Deregulation of any of these processes can have severe consequences........"

Interference with cell signaling adversely affects normal protein activity that would otherwise allow for removing abnormal proteins. The abnormal proteins or an aggregate thereof, can proliferate and lead to precancerous conditions.

There is a lot of information available that pertains to ubiquitin, a 76 amino acid polypeptide and its relationship to heat shock proteins as well as information that indicates a more appropriate term for "heat shock protein" might very well be "environmental stress protein."

Joanne C. Mueller

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Chemical Excuses Resemble Microwave Excuses

Hi Klaus.

Possibly of interest:

Witnesses claim IBM feared chemical scare would cause 'mass hysteria' among workers

By Michael Santarini

EE Times

November 19, 2003 (8:57 p.m. ET)

But in dramatic testimony, Crouch told the jury that there was an unwritten rule at the facility, conveyed by managers, to categorize illnesses as "non-work related" even if nurses suspected workers conditions were related to overexposure to chemicals they worked with.

a reader


Strength and Achilles sinew of mobile telephony

The STRENGTH of the mobile telephony, while on the one hand, a reduced number of people fights actively in defense of their rights to LIFE and to HEALTH, rights threatened by the possible and demonstrated harmfulness of the microwaves of the T.M. (as much antennas as mobile ones), on the other hand, most of the people, blinded by the comfort of the cell phones, paid by the intrusive, ABUNDANT and DECEPTIVE PUBLICITY, worry only to buy cell phones with more functions and to demand more cover to be able to call more from the hidden Earth place, without worrying absolutely nor to inquire on the possible harmfulness of the cell phones by their excessive and inadequate use, they bought or even given to their young children. All this, that seems nonsense and absurd, what it is not nevertheless, if we analyzed the ORIGIN, CAUSE and FOUNDATION of this situation, that rests on these three basic pillars:

1º The FORM in which the technology of the T.M., without to have studied it and to have found out a priori its possible negative influence on the people, what would be LOGICAL and ETICAL, has been introduced, and this form of introduction has been allowed by the Authorities, Politicians and Governors, as much at national level as international, like a level of organizations like the O.M.S. or European Union (tactical to offer the first caramel).

2º Telephone INDUSTRY uses TACTICAL DELAY that consists: that whenever it comes to the light, a study or an experiment, that demonstrates harmfulness (does it not come to the light of the public opinion, nor in the television networks, but in specialized magazines to those who knows them or buys them), they are in charge to cover it, to discredit it and are doing nothing, and allege to it and say that there has to continue more investigating (I even ask when... until we are all dead?).

3º By diverse circumstances the present mentality of the people in general is of passivity and disinterest before the problems, the life of seminfot, to live the today without worrying about the morning, thinking that their problems will be solved from the others, thinking that the cancer always touches my neighbor, the one of the side or my friend, but never touches me...

Nevertheless, the T.M. has an ACHILLES SINEW who is the double slide that has the economic interests: a face of these interests is million and million benefits that are obtained with the sale of cell phones on the one hand, and with the invoicing of calls and messages on the other hand, and this face is necessary to add it very hard to the previous strength already mentioned making the TELEPHONE INDUSTRY, but in counterpart, it is the other face of the economic interests, that is indeed the Achilles sinew of the T.M., but that the people do not take advantage of it, and that it would consist of "NOT BUYING MOBILES NOR USING NOBODY THEM UNTIL THEY ARE SAFE and INOFFENSIVE", with which, when disappearing the million benefits, I absolutely assure, that the Telecommunications Industry would quickly do the unspeakable and the impossible thing, to obtain that outside inoffensive telephony, and to return to recover the astronomical benefits, but while they have them, will not worry about the harmfulness and will continue it denying. Therefore, Society in general, if you appreciate your health, the one of your children and grandsons, take advantage of this Achilles sinew and I invite and I propose to THAT non compromise NOR UTILIZE the MOBILES UNTIL THESE ARE SAFE and INOFFENSIVE.  I NEVER USE THEM OR HAVE MOBILE. FIRST MY LIFE And MY HEALTH And SOON The COMFORT.  The EVOLUTION And PRESENT INTRODUCTION To 24 HOURS OF DAILY TECNOLOGIA WITHOUT STUDYING NOR VERIFYING a priori IT’S POSSIBLE NEGATIVE EFFECTS DESTRUCT The HUMAN RACE (AT THE MOMENT WE HAVE LIKE THE WORLD A GIGANTIC FURNACE OF MICROWAVES BUT WITHOUT WALLS, TIME WILL GIVE The RESULTS: BUT BY THEN IRREVERSIBLE And IRREPARABLE DAMAGES ALREADY WILL BE).


Translation: Omega


'STOP CHEMTRAILS' ACTION - Stop World Poisoning

- Please forward

Friends, Colleagues, Acquaintances, Contacts........ PLEASE SEND THIS ON ---- MANY people are now noticing there is something very odd going on in our skies - but they are not sure what it is. They need information on the massive, poisonous Chemtrail spraying -- PLEASE GET IT TO THEM. The spraying is becoming intense, and people are getting sick. ALL life on Earth is getting sick.

Michael, World-Action

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Unite, and Take Action against the Nasty and Evil 'Final Solution' taking place Worldwide.

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Metal Nanoshells, Cure or Curse?


Crimes Against Nature


Greenpeace: Urgent Forests Update

As I write this, Greenpeace staff and volunteers are taking action to protect Ancient Forests on both sides of the globe: travelling into the heart of the Amazon to work with local communities, and occupying some of the tallest hardwood trees in the world in Tasmania. We need your help in both campaigns.


Interior Department is to open to drilling 9 million acres in Alaska's North Slope

Driftnets are said to be decimating Mediterranean dolphins

National Congress of American Indians asks Senate to kill energy bill