Newsletter (01 September 2007)

The Dangers of Electromagnetic Smog


Cellular Cancer


Mobile phone use and cancer linked


Radiation clue to brain-cell damage by mobiles


Only ten minutes on a mobile could trigger cancer, scientists believe


EMFs and Childhood Leukemia


BioInitiative Report is 'live'


New doubts raised over mobile phone safety




Beware the cellphone PDA's...Sage, Johansson study...2007


Glued to your I-pod, cellphone? Not good say docs


Bird by bird, the avian population is shrinking


Kids, expectant mothers, the elderly endangered


Draft norms to discourage children from using mobiles


Church may add mobile phone mast to bell tower




Residents vow to fight mast plans for water tower


Mobile Phone Radiation


Not 16? Say no to cell - Telecom unit proposes mystifying cut-off age


Is it ethical to own a mobile phone?


Calls for vicar to resign over mast


Council to think again about phone mast site


Petition aims to stop mast


Fears voiced over phone mast plan


Phone mast illness fears


Vodafone moves to clear up mast confusion


Land challenge to mast scheme


Pylons major health hazard inquiry told


Kids Living By Power Lines 3-5 Times Likelier to Get Cancer in Adulthood


MEG brain test identifies six disorders (100% accuracy)


Japan EMF problem


Policy on Environmental Sensitivities


Toronto EMF workshop September 28-30


Avenir rayonnant


Le mystère des baleines en déroute


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Omega-News Collection 1. September 2007