Newsletter (01 July 2006)

The effects of recall errors and of selection bias in epidemiologic studies of mobile phone use and cancer risk


Mobile phone emissions and human brain excitability


Clinical and physiological investigations of people highly exposed to electromagnetic fields


Review of ICNIRP EMF exposure guidelines


More Than Quarter of Staff at Wisconsin School have Cancer


Are cell phones addictive?


Phone masts on the roof of our local secondary school have resulted in 10 teachers (at least) with cancer


Families prepare for phone mast battle


The WHO Model Legislation for EMF Human Exposure Act


Mobile Chiefs Seek to Allay Fears Over Phone Radiation


Victory in phone mast battle


The risk of inappropriate material being sent to children on mobile phones


Is it OK to use a mobile phone?




Towering intrusion


Phone mast signals problems for stairlifts, disabled widow fears


School phone mast U-turn


West Kirby residents defeat telecommunications giant, 02


We had no say on mast


Dad’s desperate plea to mobile phone company


Mast deal was never on


Protesters: Mast fight goes on


HPA Response to the Science and Technology Committee


Survey for Sir William Stewart


Geemarc DECT poster campaign using children


Are You Being Electrified?


Hands-free car phones are 'as dangerous as drink-driving'


Portable Internet


Beware of exploding laptops


Portables en accusation


L' adieu d'ASL à René Riausset


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 1. July 2006