Newsletter (19 October 2003)

3G debate in Denmark


Now the 3G matter is really escalating here in Denmark. As said, I was in the television last night for the second time this week. All the newspapers have written about it every day and the radio television news broadcast. One of the largest newspapers, that started the major breakthrough, has now assigned 2 more journalists to this subject. They had interviews with Ole Johansson and Michael Kundi. Thank you both for your support.

In the parliament there is now a unanimous majority demanding new investigations to be started and a completely new report written. Now the local authorities are also reacting. The Health ministry has ordered Christoffer Johansen from Danish Cancer Society to set up a meeting with me and their experts. The minister himself wrote a letter to me, saying that they were only following the advice of the Danish Health Council and keeping to ICNIRP rules.

As expected the fighting has already started. Local authorities and phone companies are blaming each other for setting up the masts. The government says that the phone companies should pay for more research. The phone companies reject this, as they have already paid so much for the licences. The Director of the Danish Cancer Society says, that of course they should do these studies together with an international body (like WHO!). After all their man (CJ) did the largest study on mobile phones paid by the phone companies and concluded it was safe!

So in the end nothing will happen. Who are going to be the victims: the ordinary population.



Dear Sianette,

thank you briefly for work.

I'm a college student in Colorado, USA, and have been following the information you've been putting out about cell-phone use in Denmark, and trying to spread it as much as possible. I just wanted to thank you briefly for work - few are those, it seems, who realize the magnitude of the health impact on people, fewer still are those who try to do anything about it. I appreciate your efforts. Take care,

Adam Curry.


Cancer Societies Supporting the Industry ?


Robert Riedlinger





How much COST?:  “No-studies” … paid by the 2 largest phone companies?.

* FALSE FUNDAMENT: To heat 1 degree one  DEAD MASS of “sucker-salt-water”.

Dr. Robert Becker. New York. Twice Dr. Becker has been nominated for a Nobel Prize in Medicine. Published by Linda Moulton Howe in EARTHFILES London (May 2000). "That level was applied for several decades to everything that concerned electromagnetic pollution. Of course, this is not correct."

Dr. Robert Becker also states: "So, the premise that was applied by the physicists and the engineers was erroneous from the start."

1.1. No-health protection: with judicial myopia and judicial silence?


The Danish Cancer society, who has always claimed  that mobile phones are harmless, based on the "world's largest study": *Ttoday they admit that “no-studies” were done.

No-studies”… paid by the 2 largest phone companies. (How much COST?)

 2.1. No-health studies: with judicial myopia and judicial silence?


3.1. Censure of vital information from WHO during more than 30 years?:

BBB alteration is documented since year 1972, duplicated in USA in 1977 and recently Dr. Leif Salford…..(hazard of senile diseases in young ages?).

3.2. The Research Association for Radio Applications in Germany consists of:

The Board of Directors (of EIGHT):

Group of Network Operations:   D2-Vodafone, T-Mobil, E-Plus

Group of Service Providers: Bayerischer Rundfunk

Group for the Industry: Motorola, Bosch, Siemens,

Public Authorities: 1 Person from BMWA.

3.3. To censure vital health information and to emit microwaves on children and pregnant women is a penal offence?

Informant: Dr. Miguel Muntané


News from Spain


Got to declare like imputed a municipal architect and the then councilman of Urbanism, Federico Sumillera School Garcia Quintana, the Court of Instruction number 2 of Valladolid has decided to refrain from the denunciation that as much the Fiscal Ministry as the Association of Parents of Students of the Public School the Garcias Quintana presented/displayed in October of 2001 so that the possible relation between the existing antennas of telephony in a building near the mentioned scholastic center and the appearance of different cases from cancer between the students, was investigated. 

Two years after the investigation began, the holder of instruction 2, Caesar Gil Margareto, through a car to which he had access Europe Press in legal sources, decrees the closing of the proceedings when not considering the risk for the health proven that represent the antennas nor the commission of a crime of prevarication on the part of people that have granted the authorizations for their installation, main questions that were dissolved in via penitentiary.  In particular, the referred judicial writ does not consider the proven relation cause-effect between the antennas and the disease and in such sense makes reference to the tedious test practiced as much by the Superior Council of Scientific researches, a report epidemiologist, the opinion of the National Medicine Academy, the conclusions of a commission of investigation constituted to the effect and those of the Main directorate of Public Health and Consumption of the Council of Health.

In all their investigations the experts do not manage to tie the disease with the emission of electromagnetic waves and notice of at the moment existing ignorance still on the matter and the field that still is to investigate, although are either able to assure the radically innocuous character such waves. After discarding for that reason the commission of a crime against the natural resources and medial ambience, from which she excludes the operators inasmuch as "its activity did not contravene any disposition makes specific on the matter and their emissions were below the more restrictive safety limits", the judge also rejects the existence of a crime of city-planning prevarication on the part of municipal people in charge. "Normative city-planning almost null". In this respect, the instructor remembers that in those days the "administrative norm or city-planning almost null era and only demanded the existence of work license, that was granted taking care of purely architectonic and city-planning criteria", as thus it happened in the case of the antennas authorized by the City council.

By all it, Gil Margareto considers the investigation "exhausted" and understands that it does not come to prolong the same one with other performances as studies complex epidemiologists whose result is not going to throw light on the instruction ". In any case, the judge understands guessed right the measures you will prevent that the 20 of December of 2001 were adopted from the Court, such as the cease of the emission of the antennas and its dismantling, "especially if we consider the later normative or prescribed reforms and the resolutions relapses in the contentious jurisdiction". Against this resolution the presentation of resources of reform before the own judge and, subsidiarily, of appeal fits now before one of the two sections of the vallisoletana Hearing.

Informant: Alfonso Balmori

Translation: Omega


Bioeffects References to Support EMR-EMF Understanding & Research

My admiration to all searching for truth about EF, EMF, EMR and EHS:

However, I am sceptical of those with unshakable belief systems (this is called "concrete-ation of the categories!") who claim to have found it!...

It pays (from a health standpoint) to be sceptical these days, especially when studies are set up to fail by vested interests associated with "Official Medicine" and supportive technologies...

Note that studies which are set up to fail pay us the greatest of complements because we are being taken seriously!!  (See Dan Haley's book, below, pg. 308)

All the more reason to increase our efforts with renewed intention and enthusiasm to share unbiased research, educate to the max the general public -- those who are in ill-health, and especially women who suffer the most (approximately 80% women to 20% men) from various toxic chemical/pesticide and electrical sensitivities. These sensitivities (largely due to current or past environmental long-term insults) seem to be associated with cell metabolic problems. These problems often manifest as a host of psychophysiological thyroid symptoms/disorders not responsive to, or accepted by, current medical practices!. (--> "Yes, ladies, it's all in your head, so you need to see a counselor or psychiatrist. Meanwhile, take these drugs to dull you out, so you won't care about your pains, fatigue, and memory problems (or coping any more with anything else!)" <--)

It is obvious over the past few months that public awareness is finally increasing.  This is due to the diligent efforts of yourselves and so many concerned persons (and the occasional alert media) around the world, who are sharing important unbiased research and personal observations over the Internet, from Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, USA, and others. It would be helpful to have more input from Japan, with its high-tech background and the concentrated large use of cell phones there (any health trends developing?)!

Here is a highly recommended reference to increase everyone's background and understanding, so that we may have some perspective of what we are up against!

Daniel Haley, "Politics In Healing: The Suppression & Manipulation of American Medicine" Potomac Valley Press, Wash. D.C., ISBN#  0-9701150-0-8, 4th Printing July 2003.  ($25 from

I recommend especially Chapter 9, "The Miracle of Electromedicine", pages 271-311 about the challenges endured by Dr. Robert Becker, and Dr. Daniel Kirsch.  I am familiar with the circumstances stated and have either worked with, or utilized the equipment of those persons cited in the chapter.

Another book you may find worthwhile to review, if you can find it, is the collection of 44 research papers by:

Liboff, A.R. & Rinaldi, R. A., "Electrically Mediated Growth Mechanisms in Living Systems", Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 238, Oct 11, 1974....only 593 pages!!.

Some of the authors you may recognize, were: Bassett, Becker, Cone, Frey, Liboff, Pawluk, Pilla, Pohl, Tanner & Romera-Sierra. Considering it was published 29 years ago...the research is still way ahead of its time. Of course the book created a great wave of apathy in the medical research typical of the medical field in this country.

Among the many interesting papers is the one by Wilson & Jagadeesh for the Dept. of Surgery at the General Infirmary of Leeds, Leeds, England, entitled, "The Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Energy on Peripheral Nerve Regeneration" article that Christopher Reeves may find useful......(of course, we all know that nerves can't be's impossible, so don't even try!)

Guess I need to go back and review this book myself. Although it is right here on the shelf, .its been years since I looked at it in detail and until now I've just been waving it about at talks and saying "look how long good research had been out and no one is paying attention"

Anyway, I digress as usual...probably EMF information overload...and too long at the computer!!

Please see my website and links at <>  Maybe my book and CD of PEMF research data can add to your background and eyestrain!

Thought for the day: We are challenging conventional belief systems, medical or otherwise. These belief systems of individuals and corporations proclaim "Don't confuse me/us with facts, my/our mind is made up!" (especially when it threatens the bottom line dollar).... In other words, we "challengers of the status quo" could say we are "poking sacred cows".....or to look at it another way, that makes us all "sacred cow pokes" !!  :-)  

Howdy, partners........

I wish you much success in your endeavors.


James (Jim) B. Beal

EMF Interface Consulting