Newsletter (18 November 2006)

Digital broadcasting is increasing the threat of global warming by pumping massive amounts of extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere


Cell death induced by GSM 900-MHz and DCS 1800-MHz mobile telephony radiation


On the interactions of the EMF on the cellular metabolism


Base Stations and Wireless Networks: Radiofrequency (RF) Exposures and Health Consequences


Mike Repacholi: Industry Consultant


The future of independent research


Secret Ties to Industry and Conflicting Interests in Cancer Research




Use of drugs to treat hyperactive children soars fourfold in ten years


Alzheimer's now a top killer in L.A. County


Dentist's mouth cancer warning


Electricity cost increase due to phone masts?


Trust in move to ban phone masts


Phone mast row delay


Angry residents in call for phone mast ban


Outcry stops train mast in its tracks





Council hiccup allows phone mast go-ahead


New mast sited near children's play areas


Church tower phone mast plan 'appalling'


Town hall's phone mast 'secret' is revealed


Hostile reception for phone mast plan


Battle over plan to replace phone mast


Anger over phone mast


Mast plan rejected


Mobile phone mast to go up at synagogue


Moreton: Telecom firm has fight on its hands over bid to erect mast


Killybegs residents concerned over mobile phone masts


SRP relays research and findings of EMF exposure, including possible links to cancer


Sleeping next to electrical items and some phone equip can cause everything from poor sleep to cancer


9 cases of cancer in children in Kiriat Gat


Mobile telephony, the file - Téléphonie mobile, le dossier


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Omega-News Collection 18. November 2006