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Brain tumours: the silent killer


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The crime and the punishment of Lorenzo from IARC


Subject: 16 Hertz in GSM: what are we going to do ?

Dear Professors and colleagues,

All of you are aware of the bioeffects of ELF, I believe.

Having found out that there are 16 Hz waves in european GSM (I don't know yet about the americain and australian), (source: personal measurements made with professional instruments on April 3rd, 2004),

Having found out that 16 Hz waves, at certain intensities and in certain temperatures conditions (window effect), induce a calcium ion efflux from cells (Source: Ross Adey and Carl Blackman's published work from the 70's and 80's),

Having found out that cancer is one of the calcium ion-related diseases, as calcium ion plays a role in apoptose, which requires an interplay between calcium ion from the endoplasmic reticulum and calcium ion the mithochondria (Source: M.J. Berridge, Nature reviews, Molecular Cell Biology, Vol 1, oct 2000 page 11-21),

Having found out that many of the diseases reported underneath or close to GSM cell phone towers are related to calcium ion: heart diseases, headaches, epilepsy...(Source: Pharmacologie, Michel Schorderet, Ed. Frison Roche, 1989, or check the clinical indications of calcium ion inhibiting molecules such as verapamil, nifedipine, diltiazem, flunarizine),

I believe that we now have a new opportunity, based on medical and scientific evidence, enabling the honest part of the scientific community to gather, stand and speak up. We must do this in the memory of Ross Adey, who knew about the presence of 16 Hz in the european GSM (I spoke to him about that a few weeks ago over the phone) but didn't get a chance to testify before he died. Calium Ion being such a fundamental, ubiquitous cellular messenger, controlling processes as diverse as fertilization, proliferation, development, learning and memory, contraction and secretion, can you imagine the time when not a single brain and body will remain intact all throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Middle East and perhaps large areas of America ?

I believe, but this still has to be checked, that the CDMA standard doesn't have 16 Hz and may thus not be has harmful as the European GSM. It is used by 188 million "happy few" (vs 1 billion GSM users, plus those living near cell towers) in both Northern and Southern America, Japan, Israel, Eastern Europe, ex USSR states.

Those of you interested in receiving the printed material I gathered on this subject may send me their mail address by return mail.

Thank you for your attention.

Annie Lobe

33 1 48 59 03 37



Dear all,

Thank you all for your reactions to the 16 Hz / GSM issue.

Has any of you read the book "Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields: the Question of Cancer" edited by Batelle in 1990 ?

Omega see further under:

It was from the 9th chapter written by Carl Blackman that I learned about calcium ion efflux at certain frequencies, including 16 Hz. It is very true that calcium ion efflux is more important at other ELF than 16 Hz.

I'm going to ask Carl Blackman to give us the exact values, which seem, on figure 5 p 194 of the book, to be slightly different from those indicated by Philips Alasdair. It comes from a study published in Bioelectromagnetics 9(3): 215-227 (I'm sorry I couldn't connect to : I got a error message).

I did measure 16 hz in a mobile phone (Nokia, France) with a professional instrument (PMM 8035). We placed the cell phone directly upon the ELF probe (5Hz-100 Khz) and saw, not only 16 hz, but also all the other harmonics of 8 Hz (24, 32 Hz, etc.). And of course we saw the 217 Hz.

I'm sorry  that I haven't yet had the opportunity to do it near a cell tower.

What instrument did Philip measure with ? In which country ? Did he also measure a cell phone's ELF's ?

When you are aware of the "window effect”, you understand how important it is to be precise and quote the sources.

As a matter of fact, not all the countries have the same frequencies. We must keep this in mind. This is why only professional measurements can help us find out the reality, theoretic information is not enough. Remember, science starts with measurement.


It is because of the window effect that I began to worry about the precise effects of the precise frequencies (high or low) effectively present in cell phones and cell towers.

This is why it is so important to start with real measurements.

If one of you know someone, having access to professionell ELF/RF measurement instruments in the US, Canada, or in Japan who could do measurements on different types of cell phone and cell towers, (CDMA, AMPS, etc.), that would be very helpful.

Thank you again.

Yours, Annie Lobe from France (excerpt)


UK Electrosensitivity conference notice



1 Wimpole Street, London, W1

Commencing 10. a.m. Saturday 11 September 2004 

Estimated to finish at around 4 p.m.

(limited to fifty registrants)

Free Registration

Organised by Coghill Research Laboratories, Lower Race, Pontypool, Torfaen, Wales NP4 5UH


Increasingly there are public complaints that these fields and radiations are causing ill health effects, and a large body of literature and substantial research initiatives are addressing these issues. Among the symptoms being reported is electrical sensitivity, where the sufferer claims that even the proximity of electrical sources can be perceived, with unpleasant sequelae. The syndrome has become known as electrical sensitivity (ES), and is thought to affect some 7 percent of the population.

The literature on ES is sparse and unco-ordinated, possibly because its existence is not recognised, defined, or acknowledged in mainstream medicine. The Symposium aims to bring to one place those who have studied the condition and can make a pooled contribution to knowledge, both descriptive and phylactic, and can also engage in a debate over the likely mechanisms at work. The symposium will be of interest to physicians, scientists, regulators and patients alike.

Those wishing to submit platform presentations should send a brief titled abstract together with details of their affiliations etc. to: Roger Coghill at the above address. There will be no opportunity for poster presentations. Press and media attendance will be limited due to the restrictions on room size, and those members of the press wishing to attend should notify us well in advance to avoid disappointment.

For further information, contact: 01495  752122 or email:

Informant: Don Maisch


Exposure: The 3G is going to quadruple the number of antennas

The Forecast for Israel is 24,000 antennas.

Gye Leshem

Yediot Ahronot


An internal document of the Environment's Quality Ministry exposes worrying findings about the effects of the radiation from the 3G cellular antennas.

IARC is conducting the biggest study in the world to evaluate the effects, the study includes  14 countries including Israel. Unfortunately, the study is expected to be finished only next year.

The Minister for Environment's Quality, Yehudit Naot, acts lately for the "Non-Ionizing Radiation Law" that will determine that the allowed radiation level will be low in thousands procents than the WHO's [/ICNIRP] standard. That's because of the concern for radiation damage in the long run.

The Cellular Forum [Israeli's cellular companies together as a PR firm] said that "the forum rejects the data, that have no connection with the reality. 3G services will demand an addition of several hundreds antennas for every company only, during 5 years. All the antennas will stand in all the demands of the authorities".

He also said that the interest of the Ministry is as much antennas as possible so that the radiation "will be lower".

Our Environment Minister's future is actually not clear. Yehudit Naot, who is acting for the Non Ionizing Law, cannot speak, because her vocal cords are cut due to her spreading cancer. Her condition is probably bad due to the fact that she travelled abroad for treatment but the doctors refused to operate her. Her disease condition is followed by the Israeli newspapers.


Cancer Patients from Zoran Area Sue the State and Bezeq for millions

Asaf Bergerfreund

Haaretz 15.6.2004

25 cancer patients and relatives of cancer patients who died- from the villages Porat and Eiv Vered in the Sharon, filed their lawsuit two days ago to the district court in Tel Aviv for million Shekels. They sue the state, Bezeq and the broadcast authority for damages.

Background for the suit: radiation from Hillel Station near the villages, that they claim caused them cancer.

The plaintiffs claim that the origin of the diseases was in a systematic failure of the governmental ministries that treated or were supposed to treat the radiation effects from the station on the public that was living near the station. The station, they claim, was broadcasting for many years with high radiation level, and the governmental ministries were aware that the radiation effect was dangerous and destructive. More they claim, that during the years when they station was active, nobody warned the residents of the health danger in exposure to the radiation. The defence was not yet filed.

Comments on the trial

Bezeq is using Moshe Netzer, a member of the IEEE in Israel, who consults to 3 cellular companies, the Israeli power company and Bezeq. Moshe Netzer speaks out very clearly for the industry and against people's interests. In one of his lectures he claimed that the newspapers publish health damages from the cellular antennas/ devices only because they are "stories which sell newspapers" and not because they are true.

Bezeq also uses Dr. Yossi Ribak, head of Public Health School of Tel Aviv University. What's interesting about Riback is the fact that he took radiation measurements from Hillel Station in 2004, after Hillel station had been closed down. This is in contrast to the court demand for measurements only until 2003.

Dr. Riback has done a very "interesting" work for the cellular companies, with the conclusion that the city Tel Aviv really needs much more cellular antennas.  in a T.V. programme two months ago,  he claimed that the real problem with the radiation is the panic of people, he also cited the American Embassy in Moscow study and a study on 40,000 soldiers, and "groups from 8 countries including England Australia" as a "proof" that the radiation has no negative effects.

Actually the Moscow and the 40,000 soldiers studies found negative effects including cancer. I don't know what he meant by "8 groups" but I don't believe a word he says anyway. 


EMR article in The June issue of The Ecologist

He can be contacted by mail at PO Box 1337

Mendocino, CA 95460


Phone: (707) 937-3990

Interestingly, "In February this year Richard Box, artist-in-residence at the University of Bristol's physics department, installed hundreds of fluorescent light tubes in a field underneath power lines. The tubes came on at dusk, powered solely by the EM field generated by the cables above".

One of The Ecologist's suggestions is as simple as that: "If you have a cell phone, cancel your service".  

For "The ecologist" go to


Informant: Iris Atzmon.


Mast demonstrators challenge bid


“The permit limit for microwave radiation has not been determined by doctors and biologists, based on trials on animals and humans, but by technicians and solely from the amount of radiation it takes to warm up a bag of sugar water with 1 degree Celsius.”


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Mast demonstrators challenge bid

A protest is being held in South Yorkshire over plans for another mobile phone mast in Sheffield. More than 200 people are expected to turn up for the demonstration in the Fulwood district on Saturday.

Government guidelines

In May concerned residents from Slaleigh Lane and Hallam Grange Crescent in Fulwood, held another protest to stop workmen installing a telephone mast close to homes and a school.

The city council had granted permission for the 10m high mast which is designed to provide coverage for video phones.

A spokesman for Sheffield City Council said: "The council follows national government guidance when considering concerns over the safety of telecommunications masts and decisions are consistent with that guidance."


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