Newsletter (16 April 2005)

Exposure to pulse-modulated radio frequency electromagnetic fields affects regional cerebral blood flow


Mobile Telephony: Standards more than insufficient


Health risks of mobile phones


Mobiles do not cause tumours, scientists find

Danish phone study: No need to fear mobiltelephones


EMR Reduces Melatonin in Animals and People


Civil servants threaten action over mobile phone masts


Health chiefs probe phone-mast cancer link claims


Mobile mad: the wisdom of a wireless world


Would any of you like to be the guinea pig?


Are Electromagnetic Waves the Culprit?


Quiz the Leaders


Mother's fury at illegal mast


Buy 3G handsets or sign up to 3G services and you are helping to pay for and justify 3G masts being erected all over the country




Dismay over phone mast plan


Parents' anger at phone mast


Phone mast application rejected


Lobby sends 'no' signal over masts


Tory adds voice to campaign for mast law


Mast campaign row rumbles on


Hurray! No mast near our school


Phone mast near homes turned down


Mast refusal could force up tax bill


Could Cell Phone Radiation Be a Vitamin for Your Brain?


MyMo cellphone for kids pulled off the market


Magenta News from Mast Network


Omega-News Collection 16. April 2005