Newsletter (15 October 2003)

3 G - Debate on television


Thank you for your support and advice.

As to the debate: I think it went very well, judging from the many reactions I got afterwards.

In the following days things have exploded and I have received numerous calls from worried persons. Now people are getting aware of all the 3G masts. I get very sad when a husband tells me that his wife is pregnant and there has just been a mast been raised on their roof and what to do? Or they tell me about cases of brain cancer in their family.

These days the media has been writing about all the properties that have lost value, up to 40%, when there is a new mobile phone masts on top or on top of the neighbours' house.

The governmental authorities have not yet reacted, except for one MP who demanded that now the phone companies should inform where the masts are going to be, so people know it when they are going to buy a house.

Best regards

Sianette Kwee



Klaus: I am forwarding a copy of an email I sent to a reporter at one of our leading Minneapolis (Minnesota) TV stations. The reporter advertises "everyone has a story to tell" and she is looking for unusual and interesting stories. I have not heard from her yet and I am betting that I don't........    Take care  -   Joanne

P.S.   I also sent the same email to the medical reporter at the same TV station who is trying to solve "mystery illnesses in children" including sudden, unexplained deaths. I doubt that I will hear from him either.........

Dear Randi: "Incredible adversity" is a term that brings to mind what we were faced with while caring for two grandsons who were diagnosed with rare immune deficiencies. They suffered from chronic asthma and chronic sinus infections.

The immunologist asked whether "children had died at young ages in our family!!!!"

My husband and I were caring for the boys in our home which is only 50 ft. from two high voltage powerlines. I hired a forensic engineer. He wanted to check the boys' homes too........    While nothing in particular was decided at that time in regard to the boys' homes, we did stop caring for them in our home. We were aware of the $46 million EMF (electromagnetic field) Study referred to as EMF RAPID.

The immunologist acknowledged that "there is evidence that EMF's can lower the immune function in mice but that he did not know how much of what happens to mice happens to people."

I had initially been upset that the forensic engineer wanted to check the boys' homes because I was 100% convinced that their only problem had to do with spending their days and some nights here at our house under the two high voltage powerlines.

The immunologist had told us that the boys (cousins) may develop leukemia, lymphoma, stomach or colon cancer..........

We gave our daughter a regular bed for our grandson and  moved his bed to a different wall. Five months later, his immune tests had improved by 100 points. His overall condition began to improve although he continues to need inhalers to maintain his asthma. Basically he made "dramatic improvement" insofar as medical treatment overall.

During the time our daughter's son was improving, we learned that our other grandson also happened to be sleeping in a bed which was on a wall opposite the electric meter. We were amazed to learn this since he had been sleeping with his parents rather than in his crib as we thought. We purchased a new bed for our son and daughter-in-law and moved that bed to a different wall.

That grandson also made dramatic improvement!!!! His overall IgG tests improved by 204 points at testing five months later. His asthma and sinus problems disappeared and he never saw a doctor once he completely improved until he started school several years later!!!!

There is a website regarding "reactive renal amyloidosis" and the necropsy done on one of my guinea pigs who died almost three years later. The site is that of the University of Minnesota Veterinary Clinic and can be located by typing in the following on the search bar:

Amyloidosis is a rare disease of the bone marrow. Bone marrow and blood are the most radio-sensitive parts of the body. Inflammation is the "keyword" in regard to all of the health problems connected to chronic exposure to low levels of ionizing radiation as well as to chronic exposure to low levels of nonionizing radiation (EMR) and I also have medical journal articles that make those connections.

The 2002 California EMF Report finds a correlation between 4.0 miligauss readings and childhood leukemia, brain cancer, Lou Gehrig's Disease and miscarriage.  (See the website:   "")

Just a week ago, I questioned Thomas J. Goehl, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief of "Environmental Health Prospectives" because his website featured "Childrens' Health Month" and yet did not inform parents and prospective parents of any possible concerns regarding EMF/EMR (electromagnetic field/electromagnetic radiation) exposures and did not provide any information regarding the recent California study let alone the results from the $46 million EMF RAPID Study.   Dr. Goehl wrote back that "EMF information is published from time-to-time......" Such a cavalier attitude by a Ph.D in charge of a publication regarding environmental health let alone a website featuring "Childrens' Health Month!!!"

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has chosen to take the position that "the evidence is weak" and somehow has decided the best approach is NO APPROACH!!!!!!

The fact-of-the-matter is that there is a TON of evidence and even EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) is on record as  recommending that the power companies prepare for litigation.

Bottom line: The EMF RAPID Interagency Committee Report that does confirm some health problems (a committee set up to review the EMF RAPID Report and to make recommendations to Congress), has never been presented to Congress and an insider leaked information to "Microwave News" to the effect that "the report may never be released to Congress."

I have a booklet that was prepared by the "utilities communications' experts" that clearly recommends replacement of such things as electric clock radios with battery-operated or wind-up clocks!!!! You are probably not surprised to learn that printing of this booklet was stopped.    I received my booklet from Florida Power & Light.

The California EMF Study (2002) recommends setback of residences, schools, etc. from high voltage lines at a distance of 300 ft. While I have little doubt that our high voltage lines are responsible for most, if not all, of the 3-pages of health problems suffered by my husband and myself (same as Gulf War Syndrome), primarily because our miligauss readings have averaged between 3.5 miligauss and 8.0 miligauss for many years, I do believe that the actual location of a child's bed in conjunction with placement and location of various electrical objects, is the primary reason for the virtual explosion of asthma in this country. Problems such as ADD, ADHD and other learning disabilities as well as sinus infections, migraine headaches, lack of sleep are also contributing to the difficulties encountered on a daily basis by our children.

"Lighting one candle at a time," I remain

Sincerely yours,

Joanne C. Mueller, Guinea Pigs R Us, 731 - 123rd Avenue N.W., Coon Rapids, MN  55448

Phone:   763-755-6114, Email:

P.S.   I do watch "the friends" on WCCO TV News every night that I can and think you are all doing a great job!!!!!


VALLADOLID: the parents of the school demand investigation

The parents consider "the refusal inadmissible to fulfil resolutions judicial" and criticize that "when from judicial instances is tried to know what could happen, the public institutions only contribute to the obscurantism " in all the related one to the antennas.

"Llama the attention - they emphasize the negative constant to make any study that can tie the antennas with damages to the health".  The parents demand "their right namely" and consider the study essential ". "We did not doubt - they conclude that the courts will make clear something so evident because the Meeting cannot be to the margin of Justice".

The Public Health has been failing to fulfil the judicial order to study the incidence of the cancer in the zone of Garcia Quintana which the court required before ten months for the analysis of the health of the neighbors near the number 5 of Lopez Gomez. Public Health sends a report to the judge in whom it makes it available but Garcia Quintana advises against, to make such investigation.


Informant: Alfonso Balmori

Translation: Omega


Chemtrails of the World


Klaus I just heard on KOMO Radio-Seatle Washington USA That the court has rulled against the navy use of sonar.

Will send the press news item when I find.Regards Robert

PS Since they have found that sonar can affect sea life and rulled against it's use,there may be a chance that they someday rule against EMF since it affects human life ????

Sonar may cause bends disease in dolphins, says study

Sonar may cause a type of decompression sickness in whales and dolphins similar to the "bends" in humans, scientists said Wednesday.


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E.U. aims to stem illegal rainforest timber trade


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Marine species are at risk as sea meadows destroyed


Chemical Reaction: URGENT!

From the Chemical Reaction Team at EEB, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace

Please go to and send an email to one or more commissioners. Let them know that we want a proposal that protects our health, that gives consumers a right to know about chemicals in products that we buy and that protects wildlife and the environment. Your help will be vital to the success of our campaign! And please forward this message to your friends and colleagues. Thank you!


European Directive Against Vitamins & Minerals