Newsletter (15 September 2007)

Increasing incidence of brain tumors in sparsely populated areas


Fight Against Lung Cancer


The Debate Over the Health Effects of Wireless


Cancer doubt remains over mobiles


Cancer clusters at phone masts


More Kids Developing High Blood Pressure


Impairment of memory and learning in young and healthy people


Irritable and sleepy? Blame your cellphone for it


Adverse health from mobile phones and masts


Cellular phone use and brain tumor


Cell Phones, Power Lines Raise Cancer, Brain Damage Risk


"Yes, the Bees Could Disappear"


Mobile industry holds its breath


COUNCILLORS On Sticky Wicket Over Cricket Club Refusal


Mobile phone study to establish long-term risks


Mobile phones and cancer risk


Mobile phones 'could cause brain tumours in long-term users





More bad news on the dangers of using cellphones


O'Neill fearful of serious health implications of masts


Pine tree with a headache


Karnataka bans mobile phones for children


Anger as 'fake' mast scheme flagged up by planners


Families in fight to stop antennae


Phone mast fury erupts


Fears over phone mast near school


Phone mast plan blocked


Nigeria: Are Base Stations Dangerous to Health?


Residents of Lublin (Poland), protest against Mobile Phone Mast


America is at the top of the list in cancer problems for industrialized nations


Most Science Studies Appear to Be Tainted By Sloppy Analysis


Ratings volunteers to be spied on by mobiles


U.S. Navy Wants EM Railgun on New Cruiser


Ericsson innove dans la dissimulation des antennes relais


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Omega-News Collection 15. September 2007