Newsletter (15 July 2006)

Childhood leukemia and magnetic fields in Japan


Girl & pet dog share same cancer ordeal


Being a member of ICNIRP or the WHO EMF project means having a ticket to ride


Repacholi's money or WHO's?


Conflict of Interest and Bias in Health Advisory Committees: A case study of the WHO’s EMF Task Group


It's official: Mike Repacholi has left the WHO


Global Umberella Organization for Protection from Non-thermal EMFs and EMR (Update)


Computer network forced man to quit job


New problems with cellphones  


Mod cons that could kill you


Cancer risk for radiation workers


Charity Children with Leukaemia


Company appeals for mast


Headteachers add weight to fight against mobile mast


Early warning call on masts


Cancer fears spark new mast fight


New tactics in mast fight after lie-down protest


Mum urges families to fight mast plans


May we all unite as one voice to defeat these enemies that faces us all


Mast plans go before council




Fresh fury at school blow


Giant airships could replace mobile phone masts


Substation move welcomed by staff


ES and "psychological"


Complaint about interference to video TV facilities from the 02 Airwave police communications system TETRA


BCUC approves power line upgrade Gulf Islands


Power line decision shocks residents


Chernobyl's 'nuclear nightmares'


Medical journal reveals that 70 percent of drug decision-making panel members have financial ties to industry


Michèle Rivasi, Lettre à Monsieur Xavier Bertrand, Ministre de la santé


En Belgique, un électrosensible accuse son Ministre de la santé


Zone Santé = Zone Blanche: le nouveau label Européen


Orange et SFR contre Etienne Cendrier pour diffamation


Réunion avec le Groupe des Verts au Conseil de Paris


"L'Antenne-relais n'est pas passée"


Les habitants font barrage à la nouvelle antenne-relais


Les antennes relais du Bel-Air, une menace pour la santé?


Les articles "censurés" (cachés) d'Indymedia RU sur les rayonnements


Les Sacrifiés d'Orange


La Symbolique des Drapeaux


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 15. July 2006