Newsletter (14 October 2006)

Leukemia...ALL....see ref to electromagnetic radiation...neutropenia....2006


FIBROBLASTS..ioniz&nonioniz exp induce terminal diff in cells


Breast cancer: 80 % increase over twenty five years, cases rocked by 10% in 2004


Eileen O'Connor's mast fight continues


How the jobs women do increase their risk of getting breast cancer


Growth assessment of children exposed to low frequency electromagnetic fields at the Abu Sultan area in Ismailia (Egypt)


School rooftops desired space for Webnet wireless internet antennas


Opera Mobile: An opera song about the dangers of mobile phones


The Welsh Assembly voted unanimously for the GPDO to be revoked and henceforth for all masts and like structures in Wales to be subject to full planning permission


It's the community's call as vicar rejects £10,000 mast plan


Phone masts plan gets go-ahead


Row over phone mast plan for church tower


Council's decision to refuse mast welcomed


Second mobile giant in anti-mast group's sights


Phone mast won't signal problems, say church


Green light for mast plan


Phone mast approval ‘done deal’


Treaty hope in phone mast row


Phone mast lockout


"Misguided" ban on mobiles




Asking for details about computer radiation


Sleep Laboratory: investigating how sleep affects performance


The Cancer Research Money Machine


Opera mobile - Tenore Franco Italiano Implicato


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Global MindShift


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 14. October 2006