Newsletter (14 February 2004)

Alarm in the Druze city: Increase in the number of cancer cases in Daliat il Carmel & Osafia

By Rima Mustafa

Yediot Haifa 13/2/2004

The multitude of cancer cases in Daliat il Carmel and Osafia, which were united lately, causes alarm among the residents. Osafia resident tells: "everyone who comes from Osafia to the hospital with stomach ache and headache, is diagnosed with cancer. We are fed up already, and we are afraid inside our houses, what can be done more".

The mayor, Dr. Achram Hason, approached several times to the residents who have antennas, and asked them to take the antennas out of their houses. This week Dr. Hason ordered to find the antennas with a special patrol. "We have found many antennas" Hason told to "Yediot Haifa". Hason called this week to the city residents to remove the antennas in the name of law and conscience: "I turn to the city residents, we have to have conscience. There is no legal antenna in Daliat il Carmel and Osafia, we will file a lawsuit against all the cellular companies". Hason also initiated a meeting with the representatives of the Communication Ministry, during which he demanded to take all the antennas out of the Druze city area.

Two years ago the residents of the Druze villages removed all the antennas in the villages, but probably the antennas were returned back. "In our neigbourhood, animals are born with birth defects and it's frightening!" We have many antennas in the neighbourhood, it's not a joke" tells a resident from the neighbourhood Halat Iljamil in Daliat il Carmel, and adds: Our lives are lawless inside our houses". Dr. Hason pointed that a high priority was given to the antennas issue and that he was not going to stop acting until the problem would be solved.

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Alfonso Balmori

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Phone mast removal call

The mast is still standing at this Welsh Water site

Campaigners opposed to the siting of a mobile phone mast based near a school have demanded its immediate removal.

The mast was taken down from the campus at the University of Wales Aberystwyth last summer and placed on land owned by Welsh Water, 200 metres away from 1,200-pupil Penglais School. But temporary planning permission, which allowed the mast to stand until a new one replaced it, ended on 29 January.

Mast owner O2 said it was talking to planners and the new mast would go up soon.

However, County councillor and school governor Paul James and Welsh Water want the temporary mast taken down. "The jury is still out about this subject because there is still no conclusive evidence to say these masts are a danger to the general public," said Mr James.

Densely populated

"But while ongoing research into effects on humans is still being carried out there are many uncertainties, so I feel these masts should not be erected in densely populated areas."

Welsh Water receives £11,000 a year for all masts sited at the Cefn Llan site, with £5,000 due to the siting of the new Tetra mast.

Mr James said: "Welsh Water should do the honourable thing by terminating their contracts with these companies.

A Welsh Water spokesman said: "We have instructed our agent that unless there are grounds for a planning appeal the mast should be removed from the site at the earliest practical opportunity."

The mast is based 200 metres from Penglais secondary school

John Evans, senior planning officer with Ceredigion Council, said the local authority would have to decide if it was expedient to enforce the breach of planning control. He added that several factors, including the loss of mobile phone coverage for O2 mobile phone users, would have to be taken into consideration.

Angela Johnson of O2 said the company was aware that planning permission for the existing mast had expired. She added: "We are now in discussion with planners about our next move but the new mast is expected to be erected in the next couple of weeks."

The new mast will be used to transmit mobile phone signals for T-mobile and Orange, as well as the new police radio system Tetra run by O2.

Informant: Robert Riedlinger


Precaution & Rachel's #784: Arsenic-Treated Wood, Pt. 1

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As the cell phone spin doctors continue to give the Precautionary Principle bad press in order to protect corporate profits, it is worth considering what would be the situation if the pressure-treated wood industry had as much influence with the regulatory bodies as the cellphone industry does.

Recommended reading: Late Lessons from Early Warnings: The Precautionary Principle 1896-2000, European Environment Agency (Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2001). Available at

Don Maisch




Radio signals could one day provide an invisible healing hand with the power to fight cancer, mend wounds and even tackle obesity. The prediction has emerged from studies of the effect of 'nanopulses'--short pulses of powerful electromagnetic radiation --on cells.

They appear capable of triggering cell suicide, a potential weapon against both cancer and obesity."

This begs the question:  in the face of such a prediction how could the fact that RFs are not seriously bioactive be maintained?

Best,  Imelda, Cork


Accoustical devices

Here that has been anything from a brief pin like "stick" to muscles to bee-sting, to head on fire depending on the chosen velocity of the hypersonic "sound" used as "weapons" on scene.

All of the above have been co-joined here to the Intercerebral interrogation technologies or "brain finger printing" now made very much public on T.V. and in the press...(www.mindsciience laboratories) www.American Psychotechnologies Corporation for the Russian version of the same techs which also include "correctional" subliminals in print and sound and digital video.

I believe it is being used by Ritual Abusers, Blackmailers and now Contract "Hit" persons....(besides the police and FBI and military).

Needless to say the military versions of All Of The Above are longer range, probably can be "landed" on target via satellite, and can be controlled via computer link to the Sats from anywhere on earth...If we can land a space craft to within a few yards of where we wanted it l00 million miles away on Mars, you can be assured pinpoint accuracy is assured anywhere on earth...

Anyway...Getting closer to the truth and "how" it was all done...

Hope you have a good day –

We're closing in on "source" -- so once again I ask for general patience about all of this. 

jojo casanga

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Direct Action on February 15: Go Vegan


Urgent: Save Johnston Atoll ecosystem


Uneasy rumblings down in the swamp

The Okavango Delta is a creature of extraordinary subtlety with roots deep in Africa. In summer, tropical storms rumble and flash across the high Bei Plateau from Huambo to Cuito Cuanavale. Water pours off steep slopes, gathering sand, leeching salts from the sodden Earth, and picking up speed as it gutters down long, straight valleys.