Newsletter (13 October 2007)

900 MHz induces gene expression and affects cell cycle


No doubt: UMTS much more dangerous than GSM


Public health: The hidden menace of mobile phones


Cordless phones: the unspoken DECT hazard at home and at work


Mobile phone cancer risk 'higher for children'


Microwave induced illness in conjunction with the introduction of heavy metals and dysfunctional flora of the body


1250 Israelis die each year from pollution-related cancer


Non-Thermal Bioelectromagnetic Effects Explained


School phone mast cancer fear


Why is the Interphone study not finished yet?


'Blunder' phone mast too big and in wrong place


Protestors: Let calls ruin church services


Parents fight mast plan


3G antennas in Israel are illegal


Orland residents not happy with cell tower


Curbing health hazards of telecommunication masts


Long term use of cell phones may increase the risk of brain tumour


Brief Cell-Phone Use Can Cause Cancer-Related Brain Changes


The residents linked the mast with 40 cases of cancer


Brain Cancers - Ecoles/Schools


Brief Cell-Phone Use Can Cause Cancer-Related Brain Changes


Precautionary approach to Wireless Communication


Wi-fi networks to be examined for potential risks to children


Are Americans Being Zapped?


Phone mast blunders "just keep on coming"


People-power win in phone mast war


Anger as mast deal collapses


Moratorium on GSM phone masts in Brussels?


Bid to curb phone mast menace


U-turn gives victory to anti-mast campaigners


Southsiders irked by mast ‘slur’


Hand Held Earning 2007 Diary


Verizon cell antenna plan draws fire


Protesters set to turn up in force at mast meeting


Microwaved Food: The Dangers


Studio shock sull'uso dei cellulari "Rischio tumore sale del 20-30%"


Nouvel avertissement contre les dangers du GSM


We allot our tumours to the antennas


Les parents d'un enfant mort d’une tumeur cérébrale dénoncent "un crime d'État"


Adiós Jairo


Eco-Terrorisme de Robin de toits, des ONG ou Manipulations des RG?


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Omega-News Collection 13. October 2007