Newsletter (12 November 2005)

Effects of 1800 MHz GSM-like exposure on the gonadal function and haematological parameters of male mice


Is male fertility at stake, can we afford to ignore it?


Erythrocyte rouleau formation under polarized electromagnetic fields


Histological characteristics of cutaneous and thyroid mast cell populations in male rats exposed to power-frequency electromagnetic fields


HPA-RPD-010: Definition, Epidemiology and Management of Electrical Sensitivity


Radiation Flu?


Electrical pollution can influence allergies: the asthma plague


Experts put a health warning on 'electrical allergy' advice (update)


Mobiles and Health


A (Health) Tale of Two Cities


Christine Kind Report: Our „Life“ in the Mainbeam of a Mobile Phone Base Station


Riding the (micro)waves


WHO writes off electrosmog victims


Opponents of MTS tower speak out




Bird on the Wire


Haringey Council to debate mast issue


Inner city housing near overhead power lines or phone masts will be entitled to a tax cut


Mobile phone mast is making me sick


Any one know of campaign groups in Southern Africa?


Campaign for the Protection of Rural England


Company wins appeal for mast


Hated mast is pulled down


Anger over new mobile phone masts for Kenilworth


Holyrood told of mast fears


St Pauls Church in Longridge Lancashire received permission to install 3G dispite 230 objections


Phone mast threat to famous view of Masham






Phone masts get bad reception


Council looking at action over masts


Campaigners celebrate as mast removed


Mobile phone mast is uprooted


WLANs in schools


Crucial call in phone mast campaign


Electro-Magnetic weapons: Today's Newest Military Development


Trouble anormal de voisinage


Antennes relais de St Papoul (Aude)


Conférence de Presse création CRIIREM


Charte sur la téléphonie Mobile: Charte sur la téléphonie Mobile


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 12. November 2005