Newsletter (11 October 2003)

School sued for installing a wireless computer network

Crain's Chicago Business, October 9, 2003

October 09, 2003

Oak Park school sued over Wi-Fi

Parents cite health risks from radio waves

(Reuters) A pioneering elementary school district outside Chicago has been sued for installing a wireless computer network by parents worried that exposure to the network's radio waves could harm their children.

According to the complaint, filed in Illinois state court, parents of five children assert that a growing body of evidence outlines “serious health risks that exposure to low intensity, but high radio frequency radiation poses to human beings, particularly children.''

The Oak Park Elementary School District set up a wireless network to connect its schools to one another in 1995, long before such networks became wildly popular. A spokeswoman for the district, Gail Crantz, said it complies with all government regulations for wireless networks.

Today, the 5,000 students in the district have access to carts of laptop computers to do research on the Internet from their desks, said Steve Chowanski, director of information services for the district.

An estimated 30 million Wi-Fi networks have been installed worldwide, according to the Wi-Fi Alliance, which certifies wireless products. Brian Grimm, a spokesman for the group, said he is unaware of other similar suits targeting Wi-Fi networks.

According to Chowanski, a small group of parents had complained about the risks of installing wireless networks in the school. In response, the school board said it would continue to monitor research into the safety of the networks but reaffirmed its plan to use Wi-Fi.

“We are not going to do anything different,'' Chowanski said. “This is the wave of the future.''

The complaint by the parents was filed on Sept. 26 in the Circuit Court of Cook County in Illinois. A hearing before Judge Nancy Arnold is scheduled for February.

The parents allege that the district failed to examine the health impact that wireless local area networks pose, especially for growing children. They are seeking class action status for their suit, which seeks to halt the use of wireless networks.

Calls to the parents and their lawyers were not immediately returned.

The Wi-Fi Alliance says Wi-Fi networks are safe. The radio waves in a Wi-Fi network use the same frequency as wireless home phones, and have one-thirtieth the power of, cordless phones, Grimm, the spokesman for the group, said.

1. A small group of parents had complained about the risks of installing wireless networks in the school.

2. In response, the school board said it would continue to monitor research into the safety of the networks but reaffirmed its plan to use Wi-Fi.

3. “We are not going to do anything different,'' Chowanski said. “This is the wave of the future.''

Informant: Don Maisch

Comment Dr Miguel Muntané:

WI-FI FUTURE WAVE HEALTH KILLER?. The Wi-Fi Alliance says Wi-Fi networks are safe

With artificial spherical models to continue to monitor research into the safety of the networks?

* Of course, this is not correct

The Wi-Fi Alliance says Wi-Fi networks are safe.


They based their findings on the "spherical cow concept".

The initial heating undergone by a cow's body as a result of microwave radiation allowed them to establish a "safe level": the power of radiation is "10 times smaller"!. This increase in temperature has been studied by physicists and engineers using artificial spherical models.

Dr. Robert Becker. New York. Twice Dr. Becker has been nominated for a Nobel Prize in Medicine. Published by Linda Moulton Howe in EARTHFILES London (May 2000). "That level was applied for several decades to everything that concerned electromagnetic pollution. Of course, this is not correct." Dr. Robert Becker also states: "So, the premise that was applied by the physicists and the engineers was erroneous from the start."


Denmark: UMTS debate on television


On Monday October 13, the new UMTS/3G mobile phones will be launched in Denmark On this occasion there will be a debate program in the state Danish television channel DR TV1 at 7.20 a.m. The main theme will be: Who is responsible in introducing a new mobile phone system, that has not yet been investigated as to its effects on the health of living (human) beings.

I will take part in the debate and among others the ministers of Health, of Telecommunication, MPs from the Health commission have been invited. I have my arguments ready, but any new suggestions from your part are wellcome. Also what can we say about WHO, if it should come up?

Thank you and kind regards

Sianette Kwee

For those who understand Danish it will be on the channel's website





Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, 20133 Milano, Italia – email:


The GUARD Project “Potential Adverse Effects of GSM Cellular Phones on Hearing” (FP5, QLK4-CT-2001-00150, 2002 –2004) is an RTD project of the European Commission that aims to study the effects on hearing of animals (Sprague-Dawley rats and Guinea Pigs) and humans of GSM cellular phones at both 900 and 1800 MHz, assessing potential changes of audiological indexes of the hearing functionality after exposure.

The hearing functionality of subjects before and after exposure is investigated by recording of classical indexes of hearing status (otoacoustic emissions and auditory evoked potentials). Nine European partners are envisaged coming from France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Russia, United Kingdom. This paper aims to present the activities and results of the first months of the project that started on January 1, 2002, with a duration of 36 months.


Informant: Reinhard Rueckemann


Bio-weapons testing


There was a release of information that had previously been kept secret, until 2002. Some of it made it to the newspapers I have found links in Reuters websites for most of these articles. There is possibly more info. In the files of Canada's privacy commish, but it costs $25 to get at it, for the first request only. I will try again for that, but here are links and articles on bio-weapons testing in N.A. [at bottom ]

first, some comment -

Bio-weapons testing in North America has been suspected for a long time. We wonder if there could be health concerns from this, either in the past or still a threat due to past infection, or people carrying it around and keeping the 'bugs' viable, infecting people in the future too, or even just bio-materials laying on the ground still viable. [They found "very little "living 'bugs' at Suffield in 2002 - 40 years and it didn't die!!]

We wonder if our chronic illnesses are from these engineered bugs, which would explain why the medical people have been so slow to tell us what is bothering us, and why they are so stubborn to kill off [engineered that way].

Also, we wonder how herds of wild animals get CJD [wasting disease]. There are articles here showing that they were indeed deliberately infected for the bio-weapons tests in the 1960. By golly, I ate them critters the whole time I was growing up in Alberta, figuring it to be the best meat [and now I am thin, ill, in pain, etc. with chronic illness]. But no tests show anything, a 'fact-orama' that the doctors use as evidence that its all in my head - what a funny game to play!! [well, I've had enough laughs on that for now].

Or is all this just "not important", because it happened 40 years ago and was safe anyways due to dilutions, and because they wouldn't put our own people in harms way? If this suits you better, then, as Dr. Horowitz suggests, go die quietly! [isn't he charming?]

So, here are some links to bio-weapons testing info, and Mycoplasma info.:[unfortunatly, they sometimes need an open Hotmail link, I never figured this out; good luck, and ask me for them again in a reply and I will do what I can! Try pasting them into search bars.

1] US admits germ war tests in Britain

-this one has it all in one page.

2] eapons%20testing%20Canada

- this one is about Canada's participation, with links to other articles.

If you see anything interesting, I suggest leaving copies of it laying around in doctor's offices or public places.



Death in the Air

Some more links from Omega about bio-weapons testing:

U.S. Admits Bio-Weapons Tests

U.S. Admits Testing Chem/Bio Weapons on Civilians


Weather  manipulation

This is a radio show from NM, where there were numerous accounts of weather  manipulations. Coincidence? Well, you tell me!

Chris Gozdzik

------- Forwarded message follows -------

2:27:59 AM

Tonight's Guest

10 October  2003  (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365) Clifford Carnicom reveals information  about  red blood  cells and  nano  sized metal particles in chemtrails, or should we call them bio-chemtrails? Hold your breath! . Lightening, rain and wind suddenly ended this pre-recorded show. (my highlight) We have several more shows with Clifford Carnicom yet to air...


Tracking Junior With a Microchip,1282,60771,00.html

Informant: Gotemf


Corporate Campaign Against Precaution


Public comments needed for sustainable oceans

Our oceans are having problems these days

Our oceans are really having problems these days. Even up in Alaska, among the healthiest oceans in the U.S., many animals such as steller sea lions, harbor seals, and a number of seabirds are facing serious declines. Poor fisheries management is a major cause of these problems. Go to:


Sonar may cause bends disease in dolphins, says study

Sonar linked to death of whales, study says

Sonar tied to whale deaths

Navy Aware of Problems With So-Called "Depleted" Uranium

Informant: Truth for Reconciliation