Newsletter (10 December 2005)

Research Studies done on Microwave Radiation


Blood effects links


EMF and childhood cancer


Childhood leukemia and EMF


Breast cancer and radiofrequency exposure (update)


1997 - A curious year in Sweden (update)


Cell Phone Tumors


Contact details of MEP's wanted who are sympathetic to the battle against mobile phone technology


WHO will not accept smokers to work, will cell phones users be next?


Repacholi and industry money


How healthy is your world?


Telephone mast to go up despite protests


Vodafone and 3 ignore call to switch off


TV show exposes the corruption behind the phone mast industry


Tracking by tagging our children


Activist Chained Himself to 3G Antenna Installation


Pure irony: "When wireless voice-data communication is as vital as the blood circulation”


We're delighted mast plan was rejected


Carriers French mobile operators fined a massive €534m


Masts: call to end lose-lose situation




Phone company’s application for mast extension


Nearly 200 objections to mobile phone mast


Church mast gets go-ahead


MAST plan gets bad reception


North Ayrshire community's campaign to prevent a phone mast being built next door to an award winning primary school


Phone mast row could get nasty


Lib Dems Call For Phone Mast Controls


Enable Nigerians to know whether or not siting of GSM masts near residential areas, schools, health centres, churches or even police stations can be hazardous in any form whatsoever


Garage door chaos Pentagon's fault




Next-up news 7 Dec 2005


Next-up News 8 December 2005


Next-up Diffusion


Emission FR2


ASL infos 10 Dec 2005


News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 10. December 2005