Newsletter (10 June 2006)



UMTS Base Station-Like Exposure, Well Being and Cognitive Performance


Sensation of Hearing in Electromagnetic Fields


Mitigating the risks of cell phone cancer


Mystery at Marc-Seignobos school


Legal warning over phone mast decisions


Stockholm puts ban on cell phones


Radio interviews, (Olle Johansson, Magda Havas, etc) TV interviews etc.


We can't say no to the masts


Phone mast given council approval


School U-turn on phone mast


Neighbours' mast orders


Decision on phone mast overturned




The biggest scandal of all: The Church of England has turned a place of sanctuary into a place of business


Local councils can say no to unwanted phone masts


Man says cellphone tower near home is making him and neighbours sick


“Intimidated” staff won’t complain about mast


Simcoe cellphone tower to be moved: Neighbours complaint of illness


Montreal wants ban on cellphones while driving


Radio waves and microwave exposures


Killer Communications


The wolf has taken on sheep's clothing


New Laws Protecting Children


How Safe Is Your Wireless-Networked Laptop?


Laptop Computers And The EMF Hazard Revisited


Ten Reasons to Throw out your Microwave Oven


Media opportunity?




News from Mast Sanity


Omega-News Collection 10. June 2006