Newsletter (08 November 2003)



T-Mobile and Crown Castle arrived yesterday to erect the mast only 24 hours after it was vandalised. They met with heavy protests from approx 50 locals, police and local TV and Radio involved. We managed to hold them off yesterday and have held an all night protest as approx 12 people camped out overnight, local people have been turning up through out the night with coffee, wine, chocolates, it has been a party atmosphere. Four security guards have been placed on the site. We have been told that T-Mobile will be returning today to put up the mast.

We need every man and his dog to come here and help, the more the better. All welcome to pitch a tent on neighbours field overnight. We want to send a clear message that we will not stand for the pure arrogance of this industry in the face of such suffering in Wishaw.

Birmingham City Planners have been out and said that Crown Castle and T-Mobile are committing an illegal act, as they need to re-submit plans to erect a new mast and that the plans must be exactly the same as the old mast. The mast that they are trying to erect is not the same. We cannot do anything through our own legal representatives and authorities until Monday, we need to physically hold them off.

Please come to Bulls Lane, Wishaw, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B76 9QW phone helpline 0121 313 3718 ASAP you can't miss us on the Lane.

Please forward this e-mail on to all friends and family. HELP!

I cannot receive any incoming e-mails since 6th November, same day mast went down, due to a problem with our Internet Service Provider.  Please send any response to and carbon copy to to ensure that your reply is received - much appreciated!

Thank you all for your support.

Bye for now

Eileen O'Connor



Don't gamble with your health!

The Wishaw mast hit the ground at 12.20am last night in an act of vandalism according to Crown Castle.

Dr. George Carlo. (October 1999). "I am especially concerned about what appear to be actions by a segment of the industry to conscript the FCC, the FDA and The World Health Organization with them in following a non-effectual course that will likely result in a regulatory and consumer backlash."

Don't gamble with your health!


Another cancer case in the school of García Quintana in Valladolid

Hi Klaus.

Another cancer case in the school of García Quintana in Valladolid in Spain, a boy of 8 years was diagnosed with a lymphoma of Burkitt !

That makes now 5 cases !


Who feels pressured?


*Tomorrow the Israeli T.V  channel 2 is going to screen in the news - a trick that was set by the T.V  crew to test- How the cellular phone companies directors react when someone comes to erect cellular antenna near their house.

*On 17.11.2003 will be a conference in Israel (Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv) about "How is the communication map going to look in 2004"? As usual the aggressiveness is the leading theme: among the subjects will be contents in the cellular: how to provide? What are the most popular contents? Why is the development slow? The future phone: When will 3G come to mass use? Push To Talk- The next thing in the cellular

*Children targeted in Israel very aggressively:  There is a children/ teenagers new brand that caused a huge success to the Israeli phone company "Pelephone" - the brand is called "Escape" and during the last 3 months of marketing attracted 20,000 users a month. Pelephone opened a concept store for the young, only for the brand "Escape". Seeing its success, another company did just the same for the young and opened a store with investment of 19 million shekels, and the manager of this company, CellCom, who is a children doctor by profession,  declared the company's new perception in all CellCom service points. He said that the store is for ages of 12-30.


There is something going on in the state of Denmark


Today again in one of Denmark's largest newspaper: 4 full page articles, one front page and 3 in the business section about mobile phones. The Health Council is heavily criticized, among others by the Consumers' organisation, how they have handled the whole situation. They are accused of giving misleading information to the population, on advice of their only expert Christoffer Johansen. Another article: special portrait article of Christoffer Johansen, not very flattering in all respects. In another article Olle Johansson is cited several times about Precautionary Principle. Now the political head of the Parliamentary Health Commission is asking if it is necessary to use money for more research, since the Health Council now admits that they knew all about the studies done on mobile phones, but never mentioned it. In the coming  days the other big newspapers will bring articles that will tell why the people never heard about the studies that showed all the risks, the conflicting results etc.

If they start kicking me, I have to kick back.

However, this is very difficult for people here that do not read English well enough.

Meeting in the ministry of health

A short update:

When it all started several months ago, Christoffer Johansen called me and told me he was ordered to arrange a meeting by the Minister of Health. Could I come and tell them about my research? I agreed and suggested that he should invite experts from abroad such as Adlkofer, Salford, Santini.

Suddenly last week I got a mail with a date and a list of articles to be read for the meeting. Did I have any other suggestions? The list consisted of a Santini article, Salford's article on the mice, a criticism of this article by Uppsala University, report from the Norwegian government(Merete Hannevik) and from the Swedish government of dangers of mobile phones, the Dutch study on 3 G masts, a mast study from Mann et all, paper from Ulf Bergqvist, another mast study from Mann & Schüz, paper from Hossman & Hermann on effect on CNS, paper from Hamblin & Wood on sleep and brain activity.

I suggested that we should include the Reflex report and some of Hardell & Mild's articles and  that I had a list of abstracts of papers on non-thermal biological effects. Moreover that we should also invite the Consumers' organization. He replied that only full published articles were considered and that there was enough now.

Suddenly the organization of the meeting was taken over by a person from the Health council and she wrote that the Consumer Organization could not be invited, as they only invite experts and not people representing other interests. She also send some pages that should replace part of the Dutch study.

The day before yesterday I received the invitation for this meeting of experts on Mobile phone radiation. Among the participants were several members of the Health Council, of The Danish Cancer Society, of institutions that do commissioned research for industry and whoever pays them for that, including their salaries. This certainly also applies to the Danish Cancer Society, that is an organization representing interests.

I am also afraid that they (the majority) will adopt some resolution about mobile phones (the old story of nothing is proofed, more research is needed) and send this after the meeting to the media. Since I appear on the list of participants, I will suddenly become part of their expert group!

I think Jorgen Bach Andersen is going to talk about the meeting in Reisensburg about the BBB and RF.

If anybody has attended this meeting, please send me all information about it ASAP.

Thank you and kind regards

Sianette Kwee


Re: A Preliminary Study to Assess Possible Chromosomal Damage Among Users of Digital Mobile Phones

Dear Mr. Rudolph,

I take this opportunity on behalf of our team to thank you sincerely for putting our mobile research paper abstract and other details on this page. Kindly let me know if I can be of any help to the organization. I wish all success for future.


Dr. P. K. Gadhia


EHS haven in Antrim, N. Ireland

The felling of the Ballymena, Co. Antrim mast is posted on Citizens Initiative Omega for 2/1/03. I remember your posting an email from me about my arriving in Belfast on New Year's eve last year, and being greeted with a front-page spread of the stricken Ballymena mast in that afternoon's edition of the BELFAST TELEGRAPH. It augured well for us, I noted dryly.

Well, actually it has! Because neighbouring Ballymena on the Antrim coast is the beautiful historic coastal village of Cushendum with its village square, castle ruins, archaeological troves, and most of all—its phenomenally low radiation levels. So it has been reported to me just yesterday by a long-time EHS Irish sufferer who has measured EMR levels in many parts of Ireland and has recently returned from a refreshingly radiation-low stay in Cushendum.  And there have been other reports substantiating how blissful in radiation matters Cushendum has been for the EHS tortured. 

So, Northern Ireland might turn out yet to be our new best friend when it comes to EMR havens. (What is that that Zen says regards the most beautiful lilies choosing to grow in murky waters?  The yin 'n yang of life, so to speak!) For any readers who might gag at the thought of putting a foot in what they consider a part of the world best known until recent times for “The Troubles" I must say that I am a frequent visitor for some four years now to northern Ireland's north-east coast and more specifically to Belfast and I have found it consistently a lovely experience.  I have met with nothing but hospitality, friendliness, plus good humour from the people there and I’ve had similar feedback from the many foreigners who have chosen it for its great walking and biking trails plus the stunning beauty of the Antrim coast.

If you access Cushendum online (type: . Then press "enter" from home page and next press on Cushendum) you will get a good visual and written idea of what it is like. The accommodation suits varied incomes: camping, hostels, self-catering country houses and cottages, hotels.)

And I can assure you, Cushendum and the Antrim coastal villages don't even know I'm giving them this puff! I'm not making a penny (yes, it's still pennies up there because the U.K. gave thumbs down to the euro) on this potential boost to N. Ireland tourism as EHS refugees flock to its coastal havens. But I am pleased to be able to do the people up there  a good turn for all those lovely experiences I have had with them.


GM Crops Harm Wildlife