Newsletter (06 November 2003)

EHS and global "people Power"

A thought: The words "people power" keep popping up more and more recently to describe the outraged grass-roots reaction of people globally, as they realize the grave injuries to their health and properties being caused by the worldwide proliferation of cellphones, masts, satellites, etc. What seems to be emerging trans-nationally from this present social disturbance is a new political world order based solidly on the united will of people, irrespective of their differences in race, religion, socio-economic positions and geographic locations. One may discern a new form of cosmopolitan/global citizenship--or at least solidarity-- being forged  by this people empowerment against governments and other "authorities" who try to hoodwink them into believing all is safe on our microwaved planet.

Another thought: Last week some of us EHS global activists were regretting that despite the vast numbers of EHS case histories we are aware of there is no central location online where all of these have been collected.  Sporadic individual attempts have been made but we need max number of such case histories from individual countries collected at one source. Yesterday, I read again COST244's ( published list of urgent projects. And listed among these was: "2.2 To organise a network which would collect details of all cases of accidents and diseases assumed to be related to exposure to EMF."

Whatever happened to the realisation of that particular COST project?  COST244 was held in Croatia in October 1996.


Mobiles been taken more seriously in Ireland

Dail to probe health risks of mobiles

Irish Independent 3rd November 2003

THE health risks of mobile phone headsets are to be examined in a major investigation to be carried out by the Dail's Communications Committee. (Dail is the Irish Parliament)

The Irish Independent has learned the committee agreed to begin a study into the safety of mobile phones in terms of radiation and damage to the brain.

The inquiry, which will start in the new year, will draw on international studies.

In this state, up to 70pc of the population now use mobile phones.

In Britain, health chiefs are involved in ongoing research and found that using mobiles does affect brain activity and that there are significant gaps in our scientific knowledge of the risks. They warn of the dangers to young people in particular since the head and nervous system are still developing into the teenage years.

Britain's health ministry experts recommended that in line with a precautionary approach, the widespread use of mobile phones by children - under the age of 16 - should be discouraged for non-essential calls.

Mr O'Flynn said recent research in Finland suggested radiation from mobile phones causes changes in the brain and concluded that even low level emissions from handsets are damaging.

He said: "Swedish scientists found that mobile phones damage key brain cells and could trigger Alzheimer's Disease while the World Health Organisation last year warned parents against letting their children spend too much time on mobile phones because tests showed higher electromagnetic waves in places where mobiles are frequently used."

Mr O'Flynn added that he believed that this information was strong enough to merit more research.

"As a committee we intend to invite cancer and radiation specialists to appear before us as well as Department of Health officials and experts in the field of mobile phone technology," Mr O'Flynn said.

"At the moment it is too soon to reach a definitive verdict on health risks from mobile phones but I stress neither has research given it the all-clear and the Dail Communications Committee is committed to fully debate this issue, bringing it firmly into the public domain and reach valuable conclusions," he said.

Kathy Donaghy

Informant: Donal O'Riordain


More about the meeting in the ministry


The people, who organize the meeting (Christoffer Johansen and the Health Council) refuse

1. To invite the chairman of the Consumers's Organization, as they only want to include their own experts, and none that represents other interests.

2. I have not yet received a list of participants, in spite of my request

3. To include Hardell's work or any other studies.

Instead they have added to the list

A new version of the Dutch report on mobile phone masts to replace the previous one

A criticism of Salford's work by another university.

I am contemplating if I should participate at all in this meeting.

Kind regards

Sianette Kwee


Enclosed the list of papers sent to the participants:


According to the program, I will not be allowed to say anything. Among others there are 2 talks by Jørgen Bach Andersen, Aalborg and by Christoffer Johansen and by Jørgen Olesen (Cancer Society).

Sianette Kwee


3G expert -URGENT!!

Mobilphone company 3G is arranging a public meeting tomorrow about their 3G/UMTS phones. They will bring an expert on mobil phone masts/basestations. Name: Eduardo Sequira Karlstrom.

Journalists wishes to know who he is and what does he represent. If you know anything, please reply ASAP.

Thank you



Re: Safety standards

Hi there,

With regard to Safety Standards, you should get in touch with Wolfgang Maes<> and Dr. Thomas Haumann< >in Germany.

They have developed the Building Biology Guidelines for Sleeping Areas. At the International Institute for Baubiologie and Ecology in Clearwater, FL, USA we have translated these Guidelines into English. Find a copy at (

Wolfgang Maes has also written a book "Stress durch Strom und Strahlung" which holds a great number of anecdotal evidence besides detailed technical data.

At the same time I would also like to point your attention to our online educational program which hold a course on EMR and another one on electric home wiring. There is a sample module available: go to our website<> and access the online class via (courses and OLSP)

I hope I could help.

Best regards,

Helmut Ziehe

Director, IBE



Phone: (727) 461-4371


RE: Safety standards again

In response to Sianette's query I reply as follows:



Kamikaze starlings hit the pavement!!!???

This was passed on to me. I have no idea of its veracity....maybe someone else knows about it? Marne


Mass starling suicide baffles experts

Wildlife experts in the German city of Stuttgart are baffled after a flock of starlings made a mass suicide attempt leaving dozens of birds dead. Pedestrians watched as hundreds of birds flew over the city before suddenly nose-diving to the ground from a height of 65 feet.

Bird expert Guenther Schleussner, from the Wilhelma Zoological and Botanical Gardens in Stuttgart, said the scenes were like something from a horror film. "I've never seen anything like it in my life," he added. Around 100 dead and injured birds covered the busy Steinhalden Street. Residents out for a Sunday stroll reporting a loud "thud" as the flock of kamikaze starlings hit the pavement. The ornithologist added: "It's unbelievable, I'm stunned. This kind of behaviour in birds is very, very unusual." Schleussner said the incident could have been down to a sudden squall or simply a "freak accident".


Why Extremely Low Level EMFs ON & FROM Living Systems May Have Effects

To Klaus Rudolph, Patricia Ormsby. and others searching for understanding and answers:

First, many thanks to Klaus for support and to Patricia for gathering some of the first useful information I have seen recently to understand the situation in Japan, regarding EMF effects, research and cultural attitudes. I know from my experience in the 70's, with the Motoyama (computerized) Acupuncture Diagnostic System, electrosleep equipment and other medical systems, that there has been much advanced research in Japan about static magnetic and pulsed EMF effects on and from living systems.  It will be helpful to hear more about the research in Japan, China and India, if we can get past governmental, cultural and research sharing barriers.

New research is now underway, which may help explain why extremely low (down to quantum level!) EMFs provide information about the environment and other living systems. This applies to EMF effects ON living systems FROM the external environment (natural or artificial) which influence life processes 24/7 by stimulating some sort of healing, harming, avoiding or attracting action (some call it "instinct"). EMFs, at extremely low levels, "broadcast" FROM living systems 24/7, TO the environment, providing information to other creatures about the status of the "broadcaster" creature, e.g., food, not food, enemy, friend, mate or relative, playful, aggressive, fearful, sexual, where located, movements, etc. See references 1-7, below.

This new research, based on Quantum Holography, indicates that at low levels IT IS NOT THE INTENSITY of EMFs that is important (unless you are next to a powerful source!), but the characteristics of FREQUENCY, WAVEFORM and RESONANCE!!...see references 8-11, below.

This approach certainly seems, at this time, to support an explanation for the sensitive response of living systems to the (survival) information content of geoelectromagnetic and geoelectric potentials in regard to: navigation (air, water, land), migration, food location, hurricane and tornado detection, earthquake sensing, seasonal changes, finding mates, etc.

I hope some of the references below will help those seeking to understand what is going on about the evolved sensitivities of living systems and the possible explanation hypothesis of "Quantum Holography". The Quantum Holographic approach relates to Quantum Physics, Newtonian Physics and electric, magnetic and electromagnetic spectrum effects on living systems, life processes, and healing and harmful effects.


1. Fröhlich, H. "Long Range Coherence & Energy Storage in BioSystems", Int. J. Quant. Chem., Vol. II., p 641, 1968.

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11. Marcer, P. & Mitchell, E., "The Physical Nature of Consciousness.  What is Consciousness?",  An essay on the relativistic quantum holographic model of the brain/mind, working by phase conjugate adaptive resonance.  Article (© 2001) on astronaut Ed Mitchell's website


James Beal

EMF Interface Consulting




Other schemes that are drought inducing (by overloading the electrostatic capacity of the atmosphere via chemtrails) are Global Hawk (9-11 remote pilotting), over the horizon radar, SkyNet, weather modification, HAARP, Star Wars.....G.I.S. FOLKS HAVE THEORIZED THAT LARGE FOREST FIRES ARE GOOD FOR REDUCING GREENHOUSE PRESSURE..THE OTHER OPTION IS 'SMALL SCALE' NUCLEAR WINTER.

By electrostatically charging (chemtrail spraying) the air to the capacity required for SkyNet (the medium that the military's global battle command utilizes - the OTH layer), weather modification happens but me thinks that the overall communications security concerns for the defense establishment are primary here, meaning that over-the-horizon (OTH) radar, SkyNet (a prerequisite for pulling off the remotely-controlled Operation Two Towers), enhancing signal strength in some areas (in conjunction with ops) while stifling it in others, electrostatic pulse bombs (the air BECOMES a medium that is volatile) designed to take out your local server are the deciding factors as to what types of climate engineering will happen on a given day. I am sure all of this is ALSO a convenient screen for the testing of biologicals and pharmaceuticals.

Much more here: